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  1. As sad as it may sound, but this just seems like "here you go, have your toy... go and play". No hate, really. As much as I delve into the game's past I'm even more aware of why are things as they are. This is not profitable game, this is just there to provide super hardcore fans of the game with something to have fun with while they work on game's new launch (I guess). It's amazing that LO has even done this much for the playerbase. I just want them to actually realize how big this game can be if they do it right and without pay to win elements. I found this on steam, downloaded it, tried and the result is in the video I uploaded. It's a shame that it gets laggy when we kinda have most time to devote to it. If it's gonna be like this non-stop, I'll probably just stop playing it and come back when it's ready to be taken seriously by the team that's publishing and developing it. Hopefully during my lifetime, cuz it indeed takes long time and seeing their focus on APB (which is bad game in compare to this gem), makes me wonder if there is any interest behind devs for FE at all.
  2. Hello folks! I'm new guy here and new guy on youtube overall. Been all over the place in MMO industry from Shaiya to New World... This game provided me with a feeling I simply HAD TO share. Sorry for the audio, it's really low quality and I sincerely apologize. Read the description please and you will see why I didn't want to do a re-take. In future videos I'll fix the problem.
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