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  1. @MICFILLERAgreed. It was like a plug for fallout. Funny thing is that he showed the game as being devoid of players even after launch. Which is just untrue as the population was pretty good for the first couple of years. After the hype wore off and the obvious fact that icarus was not gonna be in a position to release content in a timely if ever manner, new players kept trickling in. But the numbers werent enough to sustain growth. I have to say that those first 2 years were, apart from Neocron, the best time i had in an mmo. FE has a ton of untapped potential that can still be achieved. Honestly i dont think it needs a new engine. The cost and time of doing that would far outweigh what it would take to fix a few things here and there. I would redo the entire mutation system...so its not just tacked onto the combat as a secondary to gunplay. This would mean increasing the players gamma pool and regen dramatically. Having the option to be a pure psychic caster would be a huge change to the game. I also think increasing health and stamina pool/regen overall to make comvat last longer could be an idea. Along with the the obvious need for content, fixing what bugs they can and if possible make combat a bit smoother would go a long way to making FE a top game. The movement and hitting players in combat always felt a bit clunky to me. Pvp ends up being a circle jerk of 5-10 people just running circles around each other.
  2. Way to give the new owners a chance. Saying the game is dead but also mentioning that it has new owners and there is a hope something could cone of it. I wonder if this guy played after release and has actual first hand experience of these "bugs and rubberbanding" Ill actually defend FE as it was when i played in 2008-2010. Rubberbanding was a thing for the first month or so but icarus fixed it for the most part. I can safely say as a hardcore FE player that played the shit out of the game, the bugs were few and far between and werent game breaking in the slightest. Bugs and rubberbanding didnt make people stop playing. The lack of pve group content at endgame did that.
  3. It has a ton of potential. Just needs to avoid the pitfalls of the past. The lessons are there for all to see.
  4. @Dracio Indeed. On release and for several years after, pvers slightly outweighed pvpers. Unfortunately pvers also quit a lot sooner than pvpers. There was a time when the player populations were almost split evenly between pvper, pver and Rper with crafters making up the remainder. Personally i am an even split between pvper and raid leader pver with a small bit of rper thrown into the mix. After release, i had no group pve content at endgame, so 100% of my content was from pvp. Ill tell you that the large scale group pvp was as fun as any mmo. But eventually everyone got burned out doing the same thing day in day out for months and numbers steadily dwindled. What you see now in pvp, the 2 v 3 circle jerk is a shadowy mockery of the greatness of what it was.
  5. All content is viable. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure. Since almost the beginning of FE we have had to invent creative ways to keep ourselves entertained in any ways we could. RP is one of the things that kept a bunch of players around over the years. FE gives a lot of room for roleplay. As much as any mmo ive played infact.
  6. Thats assuming battleye can even detect whatever cheats FE may have. Invisible and vigilant GMs monitoring suspected hackers is also a must. Plus good netcode and giving fewer options on clienside that can be inuenced by players is a smart move.
  7. Nobody likes you holywood!
  8. Get well Sang, Yeh since even before release, icarus was so focussed on pvp. After release it was trying to get crafters and even pvers involved in pvp. The very vocal pvp forum community (which was a majority of forum users) helped to scew their perspective as FEs playerbase being mostly pvpers. Pvpers had the most reason to use the forum, so their voice was the loudest. For my part i advocated the development of pve at every opportunity up until icarus sold the game. Icarus knew and confirmed the pve side of things was lacking, so its not like they were oblivious. As mentioned in my OP, i have them the data gathered and statistical reason for hundreds of people quitting. I knew it. Icarus knew it. Every other clan leader knew it. Pvp burnout or not interested on pvp and no pve content at engame. Quit.
  9. I dont think 76 is gonna be an mmo. I still think FE has enough time to pull its act togethet between now and when a direct competitor is announced. Once LO get the tools working i reckon they will be pumping out content.
  10. Yeh thats the harsh reality of FE since release up to this date. The circle jerk was always a part of small scale pvp, but at peak, most pvp engagements were 20 v 15 or bigger. It only got worse as time went on and the population got smaller and smaller. Tactics and position went out the window for the WASD dance of death.
  11. Sigh. Questionable claim. Look...I dont play this game anymore and maybe never will. Im trying to impart a little knowledge of what has come before. What possible reason is there for me to "attribute malice" about stuff that happened a decade ago. Lets put it this way. We had direct contact with members of icarus staff. They conversed with us (the playerbase) personally about where the game is headed and what we would like to see. Other "high up" clan leaders at the time could confirm this fact. When icarus laid off 90% of these staff members, the discussions became very frank. Pvp was the main focus. Pve at endgame was not in their sights. Give me one instance where you remember icarus releasing a piece of endgame pve group content. Believe me or not, it doesnt matter either way. The games development record under icarus speaks for itself. A shift must be made to include both sides of the coin if the new heads of state want the game to succeed.
  12. Agreed. I remember all too well the flame wars that we unfortunately took part in with temp forum bannings allround. I agree wholeheartedly that any endgame pve content needs to involve crafters at its core. This can be achieved with crafting materials or recipe dropped from raid bosses or...say a raid is cleared, it activates some sort of scavenge nodes that can be harvested for a time.. There are various methods to make sure crafting doesnt take a backseat to endgame epic loot.
  13. This guy gets it. Exile fought the same battle with the devs my friend. I was personally told by Icarus content developer that it wasnt even on the books. They wanted FE to have a pvp centric feel. Well i think they did that job too well. They alienated a huge portion of their playerbase (pvers) to make a niche pvp game. As for player driven content, Exile did as much as was possible. We held on for ages with organising a bunch of inter clan events. The larger clans like wolves of war and saints started fading away as did most of the original players.
  14. Hey Sang. I remember you too. Still rockin the same avatar pic I was going over wayback machine to see if any of the old posts could be seen. Was only able to recover posts from 2008 and early 2009 pre release hehe. But it was fun looking at the old site and forums. Seeing the build up from alpha to beta and then just before release hehe. Lets make FE forums great again Sang. Hardcore action and real roleplay...ill buy that for a dollar!
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