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  1. at the moment I fear when Matt says it's online, every body is loggin in... and the server will crash again....
  2. too bad I am Europe.... I think can dump my plans for a FE weekend... ;-/ (just startet last weekend....)
  3. Thx, as soon as the sever is up again I'll try that...
  4. When I am near a fire dring the night my monitors are going off and on... on a certain point my whole system freezes (no blue screen... yet) I think my graphic card has some major issues.... is there a way to reduce settings to ease their job? Any yes, I know I need to change hardware... but till then, any ideas?
  5. LOL - state the obvious! Fun aside. anything we can do to support (beside crossing fingers)? Like flying pizza?
  6. Even though it kind a sucks, take your time and make it propper! Thanks in advance
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