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  1. at least we dont have autobots
  2. Finally some engine upgrade update! I wish it would look more gritty and dark ( in a matter of theme) so its not all rainbows and unicorns. Also, is there dynamic lightning, like on cars now?
  3. Engine upgrade was supposed to be released in Q1? Still havent got any video proof or any screenshot at all. LO was pretty good in the beginning, but it seems like theyre the same as G1. Missing deadlines, lying and adding useless stuff nobody asked for.
  4. re-release the mode at a later time, by advertising it as a new game mode after engine upgrade. The mode will rot if it stays on public servers and people will lose interest. focus on what makes apb unique, not other way around
  5. Im not sure about that. If they upgrade the engine and add 2 new contacts with new content, then i would play it again. I think most people would do it like me.
  6. im suprised so many people voted yes. We havent even got a screenshot from the engine upgrade.
  7. Its weird that we havent got any screenshots from the engine upgrade, like promised 2014 flashbacks
  8. Tbh, they should have added more missions, contacts and weapons to the game, instead of a whole new game mode, that doesnt even fit to APB at all.
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