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  1. not sure about the season pass being exclusive only to riot mode. I would prefer the classic mission gameplay of APB, rather a battle royale game mode. Is there any possibility to have some kind of reward system for mission districts included in this battle pass, or is it just for the riot mode?
  2. AFAIK they only said they want to expand the existing districs, and maybe in the far future a potential new district (like in 10yrs lul).
  3. It says right in the description that you get the gift box as reward and i assume its the only reward you get, otherwise they would say it. Also adding any kind of different reward shouldnt be that complicated. Im also not talking exclusively of this event, im also refering to past events. APB$ is not g1c. Also dont compare a flawed event with any successful event. You can add good rewards, and you can also make a good event.
  4. why are the rewards so bad? It doesnt encourage me to even try it out. What about some APB$ or exclusive and special weapon skins or any kind of accessorie?
  5. nah fam. They just need to be up to date with the technology and add some good tutorial and a low rating district. After these changes and some marketing, the game would rise up from dead.
  6. who the hell cares about these minor things? Are you getting that easily offended?
  7. A small QoL change would be an improvement to the map, showing what area has been captured by which team and which areas are neutral.
  8. all good and all, but why are some items more expensive than before? For example the atac patroller. I thought you guys wanted to reduce the costs, not increase.
  9. at least they didnt try to hide it and publicy acknowledged the situation and cleared it. Misunderstandings can happen.
  10. dude get a gf or a doll or something. Lets just keep it how it right now.
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