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  1. foolish ninja

    Is this new, or am I still a noob?

    one day they abused the mailing and made the whole server lag. later on, G1 added this restriction to avoid this disaster in the future.
  2. foolish ninja

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    ye thats true, somehow the values are not correct, but it shows some kind of a nerf to it and it rather needs a buff than a nerf.
  3. foolish ninja

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    TBH, the shotgun changes are okay, but nerfing strife even more makes zero sense. A gun with a TTK of 1,20secs at close range is bad! Also IR in live version is a lot better and less complicated than the test version. Dont make the game more complicated for newcomers.
  4. foolish ninja

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    theyre not thatrare lol. i have 3 nanos from the activities and few other friends also got multiple ones. Keep in mind i stopped playing 2 years ago.
  5. I think we should censor "white man" in chat like in battlefield 5, cuz it hurts my feelings.
  6. foolish ninja

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    nobody wants to meet me irl
  7. foolish ninja

    Balanced Shotguns: how are they?

    Should revert it back to pre balance update. Buff slighty the damage of csg and jg (like +50) Buff Shredder overall Buff DoW damage and range Buff Strife rate of fire Btw, are shotguns not having bad hitreg because of the amount of pellets its firing? Im just wondering if thats the issue.
  8. foolish ninja

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    reduced fire rate for IR makes sense, game wise. It improves your damage at range and reduces the strenght in close combat. Its logical for counter attacks.
  9. Like Shini said, the cooldown reduction as premium user should be removed, but the bonus money reward should be a lot less. Right now its 125% bonus APB$. Its more than doubled as non premium and should be reduced and converted to the normal gain in missions without premium. Premium already gives a lot of advantages and should be tuned down to make it more friendly to newcomers and shouldnt think "oh this guy bought something for real money and thus hes progession 2x faster than me. Imo it makes APB look bad and makes people quit right after.
  10. foolish ninja

    Can we make APB more newbie friendly?

    I havent got any mission where i had above 3k. Even if its possible, its really rare then. I just find it weird that you spend so much money during a mission (ammo, grenades, car spawns) that the reward isnt even worth it, sometimes. Sometimes you have to spawn your car more than once, and sometimes there are missions where you have to spawn your it 4-6x each costing $100.
  11. foolish ninja

    Can we make APB more newbie friendly?

    I... -I didnt even say that. There havent been any new content for free, like weapons also no new outfits, at all. I dont say that they should make everything free, Im saying that there should be more. It scares people off, to force people to buy, so they have new content.
  12. There are many things why new people dislike or struggle in this game. Its not about the core game, rather the smaller things, we, the people that play for longer time, dont even realize. Making money got nerfed from some time ago by g1, for unknown reasons. Missions were given around 2-4k APB$ (dont know exact numbers) and got butchered down to 800-2,5k APB$. This snowballed so hard, with all these money sinking features like the -20% market place fee, the 10days weapon lease, ammo purchases and car spawns. Of course we couldnt realize this, cuz most people already have either permament weapons bought from ARMAS or millions of money due to years of playing. Newbies struggle with these kind of small features and changes, not just the cash, but also unnecessary features, like the premium discount for ARMAS, -50% recharge time for Character mods or missing features like buying a permament weapon from contacts for APB$. There is also low amount of content for people that do not want to spend real money right away. Be it more outfits or more weapons, etc. There havent been added any new free content for APB since long time. There are still only 2 ARs, 2 Sniper Rifles, 2 LMGs, and so on to choose from, as a new player. Any new content that has been added was ARMAS only, and this should change, cuz people get scared off from this kind of system. There is more to that, but I wanted to keep it as short as possible. Should we improve on these aspects of APB to make it more friendly for newcomers and welcoming, or is the current path of APB good enough and we should keep going?
  13. foolish ninja

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    Good changes overall, but i would add something else: -The Strife could need a slight fire rate buff -Ntec having less accuracy while in non-marksman-mode could put him back to its supposed range (crouch and standing) -IR sounds a bit weird now. The IR in live version is pretty balanced imo. Maybe a slight buff to the fire rate reduction would be appreciated, but overall its great. My suggestion would be 3m-5m-7m range and 5%-8%-12% fire rate reduction. Great work LO, keep it up!
  14. foolish ninja

    End the N-TEC Standard of Balance

    most CQB are around 0,6-0.7 secs TTK (there are some excepctions). And if all ARs would have 0,75 TTK, It wouldnt make much difference. Sacrificing 0,05 secs of TTK for gaining +20m range is completely out of questions.
  15. foolish ninja

    End the N-TEC Standard of Balance

    I have always said that the STAR should have a .7ttk rather than a .75. ARs shouldnt even have the same TTK as any CQB weapon in the first place. They should have slower TTK but longer range, which balances it out. SMGs have shorter TTK but have to sacrifice range.