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  1. EuphemiaHammer - Citadel Representing the always vigilant Enforcers of the C.S.A
  2. I'm glad to hear things are being done. Keep it up.
  3. I feel like the ATAC shouldn't have it's range nerfed, as it was only mediocre to begin with.
  4. Man, I have like 238 GB. There is a larger HDD in there somewhere, but I forgot to buy the correct cables for it... 6 years ago...
  5. You can test these weapon changes on the Live servers, you don't need OTW anymore. Just join a weapon prototype district Oh, I uninstalled APB to make room for Sea of Thieves, and AC: Origins. Time to get another SSD I guess
  6. I am slightly worried about the Atac now. But I don't have any room on my SSD to check it out
  7. Great work guys! My one gripe with the patch was how some of the shotguns now preform, and I'm glad to see that being addressed.
  8. People seem to forget that the shotguns greatest strength is their extreme mobility and ability to corner-pop. It suffers form the same faults that the HVR currently does, in that it is able to deal massive amounts of damage without having to leave cover for longer than the time it takes to press a single mouse click. An unfortunate consequence of this games very bare bones movement system. You can already dominate in CQC with them, as long as you know how to use the environment to your advantage. If you are going to give it more range, and a greater ability to two-hit, you need to do something about corner-popping as well. If you're are going make it more effective at a longer range, I suggest doing to it some of what you did to the HVR. Make people less mobile with it. Make aiming preferable, in order to slow you down and fix corner-popping. Increase the size of the hip-fire reticle and time it takes for it to zoom back in when aiming. Make it so firing while sprinting or jumping does less damage, or is less accurate. You could add this effect for which ever shotgun you see fit as more of a mid range weapon, and leave corner-popping for a shotgun with a shorter range.
  9. Remember to remove the BDO malware after uninstalling it as well. No joke.
  10. Oscar, Yukon, Hvr, all needs to be fixed. The Oscar needs only 4 mouse clicks to kill, has no bloom, nearly no recoil, and can fire while sprinting. It can wreck in both close quarters and mid range, as long as you are the least bit able to track your target. Either give it bloom, make it 5 or 6 mouse clicks to kill, or larger cross hairs from the hip, and while sprinting. The Yukon is OP. Too low time to kill. Lower it's firerate or make it more unwieldy. HVR is too heavy hitting combined with being too easy too use. Here is what I've said about it before: I also think the Volcano needs to be removed.
  11. Even if it's merely quicker than what a normal human brain is able to register, it's still pretty bad.
  12. I'm pretty sure I can get out of cover, fire my HVR, and back into cover before the opponents game even registers it. That is OP, and the animations revolving crouching should be slowed down. Especially on heavy hitting weapons such as the HVR, or even the Obir.
  13. My main problem with the HVR is how it takes you out of the action for 10 seconds as you'll basically be one-hit by any gun in the game after being hit by a HVR, combined with how simple it to use it. They should either nerf it's damage potential and keep its simplicity or make it harder to use. And because we already have the scout, only the last option is left. Make it more difficult to use. Make the user more vulnerable while using it. Do this by removing ANY sprinting while wielding the weapon, like it used to be like. Maybe make it so you need to use fragile to use any kind of sprint. Then slow down pretty much any animation involving the weapon. Make it slower to equip and unequip. This put's a stop to the one man army called quick-switching, and promotes teamplay. Make it slower to aim down sights, slower to crouch, and slower to get back up again. This puts a stop to instant popshotting, making the player position himself more wisely as other weaker weapons now has time to hit them. Finally, since there is no sway and breath holding mechanic in this game, we have to make use of bloom and accuracy. Make its cross hairs wider apart while standing upright, and while on the move. This promotes the players to stand still, and even crouch while using it, as if it really was a heavy and unwieldy anti material rifle, further separating it from it's more nimble counterpart, the scout
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