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  1. Unfortunately, I still can't connect. But I still believe in you guys
  2. You know the age restrictions differ per country/region right?
  3. Ben er nogal zeker van dat de Belgische overheid lootboxes, etc heeft verboden. Aangezien gokken legaal is in Nederland. I'm pretty sure the Belgian government made lootboxes, etc illegal. Because gambling is legal in The Netherlands. I'm able to buy boxes and i'm able to trade my legendaries... I'm located in The Netherlands so this is kinda strange.
  4. I'd love to have the badge of that dude and not them weird looking ones we have now.
  5. Pretty sure i played against you with my Huntress this afternoon.
  6. They had to remove the Threat system because the New York server were just server to ''redirect'' traffic. So they couldn't uphold a full server with full use. The Threat will be back when the new data center is ready to start.
  7. I always take breaks. But i also always come back lmao. They are playing mind games for sure!
  8. OfficerHot

    Hey i need help

    Won't let me login either so.. Probably maintenance.
  9. Wondering if you guys are still active. I've been playing seince 2011 on Citadel EU The EU theme kinda starts to bore me to be honest. Might make myself a North American Character. However i was unable to use the discord link provided.
  10. OfficerHot


    Hey, Uhm... So well basically. I have alot of issues with my clothing or cars being too complex. Is there a particular reason behind it? For Loading times? I'd really appriciate it if the complexity cap would be extended in the engine update. I think i speak for alot of us. ^_^
  11. I think so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Other people are unable to hear me and i barely hear others. Miss them old days of people blasting heavy metal in social district Lmao.
  12. Pretty much waiting for engine upgrade but guess i'll wait till i'm old, solid job, wonderfull children and married. Lol
  13. Yes, but someone i always come back. I guess i'm too addicted. Been playing this game longer then any other game. Sad life..
  14. This video is way to long for me to watch fully... But i heard something about ''Upselling'' Honestly... Thats how games work these days though.
  15. You sound cute lmao. Like the cute when your aunt squeezes your cheeks.
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