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  1. No the rights to the APB franchise were sold to China (You don't care about the franchise, just this game) APB Reloaded is still in the godly hands of Matt Scott and Little Orbit. There's no time like the present but for now we will have to wait. When the time comes i hope God Howard is ready to give up his throne because the continued story of APB will go down in gaming history like none before.
  2. We can be very nice but not naïve and we need some clear perspective on how the game is progressing
  3. They will start marketing the game again to new players and if new content and maps are released, i think APB can even beat it's all time player record. But only if there is something better on the table than old clunky dunky engine (that doesn't even work on newer GPU's anymore)
  4. Honestly, i still have hope that Little Orbit can complete the job and relaunch the game. Would love it if they showed us more than a vague message a month or finally give us that elusive ETA.
  5. Did the engine test on december 20th but didn't have my regular gear and the engine was certainly not ready for release
  6. APB still heats up my PC like no other game.. Hope they can release the engine before summer
  7. Probably somewhere on the Bahamas, sipping a coconut and thinking about how many devs he can hire with all that Gamestock money.
  8. Server merge will come eventually, until then we will have to wait to play together.
  9. i have the same problem, my head is through one sleeve and both my arms through the other. meanwhile my foot is where my neck is supposed to go...
  10. tuktukdriver

    Be me...

    Get sleep and relax, you'll play better.
  11. They should be focussing on making the game more fun instead of nerfing. Bring back notoriety 5 and add more open world interactions.
  12. I'll be kicking them down the stairs in Asylum
  13. Wait how long ago was this? just bought a regular 4x4 a week ago but it sure was 10k JT
  14. Didn't have my usual gear to test the Beta but the stress test was fun and there were a lot more than 10 people there! ;P
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