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  1. I distinctly remember making a thread years ago asking for the tracks playing in the APB Reloaded stores. Somebody replied with an unlisted Youtube video of theirs with all the tracks (it was named something like "APB Reloaded muzak"). However, looking through my posted threads shows no such thread ever existing and Youtube doesn't allow you to search through your own liked videos anymore. Can anybody help me with some music rips, or another Youtube link to the store music?
  2. Short backstory: On one fateful night in Las Vargas, following a police raid he was supposed to lead, Captain Daniel "Dim" Jangle was found in a puddle of sweat and smothered in coke side by side with the drug lord he was supposed to track down & arrest. Disgraced and stripped of his badge (although allowed to keep his utility belt to remind himself of better days), he found himself a job as head janitor for the Joker Distribution store in San Paro. Nowadays he's holding broomsticks like rifles and pretending his sanitizer spray is a FBW when he thinks noone's watching (as the staff chuckle at how he prances live on security feed).
  3. No. Its still that shitty circle jerk player ran one. Come say hi sometime. without a link I can't say hi in any shape or form my friend
  4. crap, it's been a long time since i've last been on the forums or APB. what's all this talk about prototypes and testing and nerfs? and does APB have a discord now?
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