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Music that plays in gas stations/near stores

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I distinctly remember making a thread years ago asking for the tracks playing in the APB Reloaded stores. Somebody replied with an unlisted Youtube video of theirs with all the tracks (it was named something like "APB Reloaded muzak"). However, looking through my posted threads shows no such thread ever existing and Youtube doesn't allow you to search through your own liked videos anymore.
Can anybody help me with some music rips, or another Youtube link to the store music?

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one song that plays in the JT store is love at the speed of light. kind of a pain to find. i'll post a video, but im sure fourm mom will take it down due to what the song is about (drugs)

as for others you can find them in the game files looking for .mp3 or ogg files. what ever they might be placed under 

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I have the old Real Time Worlds version with all the music files extracted. I can upload them if you want. The music files are about 1GB uncompressed.


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