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  1. It's me, y'ah boy. I think distressed looking outfits are cool.
  2. No but seriously. What does this have to do with APB?
  3. Didn't they stop updating the DB because they could not access the files? How recently were these changed?
  4. You saved 150k. Although, you did a half assed copy. The "UNKN" On the front is way too small, and curved. You're not doing the "0-0-0" Trick. Back photos also, please.
  5. Why not do just that? If it can be so easily made, just make it yourself and save some (worthless) Ingame cash? And please, post a photo of your recreation (if you can, that is)
  6. Haha. I'm glad i pestered Skay for fuckin' months to make it. It's a really useful tool.
  7. Just a heads up. Skay made an HSL converter that could be useful for this contest. https://apbhsl.tweakthe.systems/
  8. Is there a chance you can add the ability for us to trade our Armas clothing? I've created alot of clothing on ARMAS only gear that i've had friends want.
  9. Hey! I'm just making this topic so more people can know about this. Skay recently made a "Hex To APB HSL" Converter. But in English, it's a Color Converter. You can input RGB and HEX color codes and it'll convert it to the HSL system APB uses. Do note, it might not be 100% exact, due to APB's limited colors. But it'll be pretty damn close. https://apbhsl.tweakthe.systems/ I've been using it for a while and it's pretty good.
  10. Just bumping this. This is an amazing creation for designers.
  11. It could just be some kind of placeholder image from that defunct game mode. idk
  12. "Our CEO is going to be putting up a new blog next week on http://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com to walk through the next update for #apbreloaded. We are just as excited as you to share some new content. He’ll also be discussing the timeline for XB1 and PS4 updates." https://www.facebook.com/APBReloaded/ Anyone else excited?
  13. Man, that's pretty cool. And it turned out nice
  14. Thanks for the tips! They're really useful
  15. Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7 GHz..... i dont think my cpu is the problem l000000000000l That's weird. My 4.0 Ghz I7 4790k pounds CPU with a smooth 100FPS when i'm not streaming.
  16. Anyways it's fixed.... Somehow. I made a female character today without any issue
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