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  1. Lemme give you guys some advice. If you're doing to make something with this cool of a design, make it a decal, or preset symbol. That way we can apply it to ANYTHING we want to, and not be limited by the previous design. If it's a decal, it would be best, so people can use it in other symbols and stuff. Make a big pack of decals, premade symbols, and primitives. People will eat it up. I know i'm hungry for some of that.
  2. I'mma keep it real here chief. I like the shotguns, and the Katana. But the axes? No. It should have been ether two hatchets, or one big patootie fire axe. Or go balls to the wall and make it two full size axes. Or atleast thicken the handles, it shows you took a full size axe and resized it smol.
  3. they're not nerfing the mobility. They're nerfing the ability to swap weapons after it's been fired.
  4. this is great news for me. Now people won't ask me to make stuff on EU Anymore. Edit: Page King
  5. why? The last stand sucks. I own it, and i never use it.
  6. Sounds Like An Elaborate Excuse To Be A Furry But Okay
  7. To be honest, that is why I rarely play anymore. Having a few friends who are in that circle, I legit can't stomach it. They've boiled it down to an art. Faking that they missed shots, messing up gun ROF, letting you get a kill here and there. And the pack mentality they have when they encounter someone they don't like. Hunting them down like a wolf pack, and attacking like one too. You ever watch wolfs attack a single elk? It's like that. It's sickening. I just sit in social all day, keep to myself, and make clothing now-a-days.
  8. tbh, I did not. I just saw "CHANGING UI SIZE TO MAKE IT SMALLER" afaik, that is the only way.
  9. you could play the game in resolutions higher than 1080. It'll make it smaller
  10. I'm speaking from a designer's point of view. There's really no point. Na's dead as a doornail. There is no-one to sell to anymore. Plus, as an artist. What's the point to make something to show no-one?
  11. dun make fwun of mah rustieness. But on a serious note, something came up and I was unable to progress further. I managed to hit level 4 with the contact. After i had free time again, the population dropped hard. And adding to the fact leveling up level 4 of that contact is like leveling a 195 contact, just makes you lose interest. Playing solo is awful.
  12. Alot of us don't have the time to spend grinding away in APB. Alot of us have school / jobs to tend to. The population tanked after a week it came out on NA. We simply did not have enough people to keep this going for too long.
  13. I'm just really, really disappointed I can't get the skin on NA. The population is too low to get the skin for me now.
  14. Wasn't really going for a sleazy type look tbh. I was more so going for "These guys have been fighting for 5 days straight and could use a bath soon" type look
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