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  1. I was trying to make a female character on the Citadel server and I got this error. What's going on here?
  2. Oh, i know the feeling. If only i could bring my recreations to the EU server haha. people would leave me alone.
  3. Hey, if you ever feel like doing this on the Jericho server, i would gladly donate an OSCP as a reward for whoever manages to blow you up on Jericho.
  4. Not exactly, since normal maps are just a textured on layer. It'll just be editing the texture. Or at least i hope it would
  5. But it could be applied to cars as well. I'm just a lazy shit and did not photoshop cars.
  6. We could use that on cars as well. Remove the default shine and add matte paint for example, right?
  7. I think it might be possible. Since we already edit the texture of the clothing when we apply a symbol, why not be able to do the same with a normal map?
  8. Is there a chance that in the future, we can make smybols that override the normal maps of clothing? I know ALOT of people who would love this as a feature. ALot of people (Including myself) Like to make new clothing out of the current clothing. Low Ride Jeans, Extended Shirts, New Shoes, etc etc. For a quick crash course on what a "Normal Map" it. Here is an example of what effects we might be able to achieve with it. These are some very rushed photoshops. But you get the idea of what I mean, right?
  9. I'm seriously hoping this is some form of satire.
  10. I need to make some stuff on Citadel someday. Maybe someday i will.
  11. I was referring to to this part. That extra edge. Even if it's very little, it's still there.
  12. But it's still there though. I'm not doubting their skills without 'em. But they're going to perform differently without that extra edge.
  13. That is very true. I know a few people like this too. But from what i've encountered, i don't often encounter those type of people dethreating. More often then not, they smash their keyboards and yell at the screen.
  14. If anything, BE will *hopefully* decrease dethreaters. It might help lift some paranoia some DE's suffer from.
  15. Drain Gang. Also, if you're into Drain Gang, Send a email to JAQL on the Jericho server and i'll give you a free copy of this shirt.
  16. tbh, I stopped making tattoos. It's mostly due to the fact i can't use the tattoos due to how complex they are.
  17. Too much shit to list lol. This is a fraction of the amount of stuff I've made.
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