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  1. Me too, if someone has an ear splitting theme, on purpose, they get permanent ignore from me.
  2. Yeah, last time I was buying stuff for APB I really wanted Rhino kit account bound but on a... limited budget, hard to justify KTTW price tag.
  3. KTTW is the only way to get Rhino kit for vegas 4x4 isnt it?
  4. Even when I average 30-50 ping, I find that I get ghost shots, and die when already around a corner, because the person I'm fighting probably has a bad connection, either that or just potato server I guess.
  5. I bet, PS4 has smallest APB population. And PS4 probably brings in the least money. On top of that, Sony has ridiculous, draconian update policies. Any cross platform games almost always have more updates and content for the non play station players. From a business standpoint, PS4 is probably lowest priority, or should be. Finally who the **** do you think you are that anyone would care if you stopped playing?
  6. It's not just you, having similar log in issues. Got in now staring at "Contacting World Server"
  7. I think car play is pretty great considering the age of things. Honestly its easy to counter car play with the right tools. If you CBA to change to a weapon when a mission demands it, that's on you. I know, I know, we all have favorite guns and gear and cars, and we hate not being able to use them. Thankfully not everyone acts like changing gear is a big deal. Some of the things, like teleporting into a car, or having no ability to shoot into the car is because of game limitations obviously. Though it would be cool if there was a Dukes of Hazard style way to jump into vehicles like more modern games. In a Cops and Robbers game, I feel like car chases are an important ingredient. The only majorly unbalanced thing to me, is car surfer and remote detonator. I think if you are restricted to one handed weapons while car surfing it would make more sense. I can't think of any reality based reasons to nerf remote detonator, but I still think it should be balanced, somehow. Any real changes to car surfing, anything meaningful really, would require a fair amount of work though, like animations, or props.
  8. After the first thread, I'm gonna have to say, OP is either trolling (still) or just outright mentally challenged.
  9. On the whole, almost all players care more about being banned when they have to buy the game, and sub. On the other hand, when its a free game, players have choice of, pay for premium for a little boost to rewards, or pay a sub for a cheat program to just win all the time. As far as anecdotal evidence, playing MMOs since 1998, every game I've played where you have to sub, people are more invested, and more likely to encourage and help new players. APB as it is currently, through no fault of LO, new players are likely to just get farmed by high rank players. At least, this is my experience on Jericho, which has a VERY small population consisting mostly of high rank, long time players, and newish players.
  10. I miss in RTW days, there was less scumbags, because people had to BUY the game and then PAY a subscription fee. But if you did designs, you could sell them to other players for the real money currency and pay your sub with that. In current APB, designers have to pay more than everyone else, and may not sell much because its easier for the average player to just armas some gear, why buy from a player or design it yourself with design limits and possibly no one even looking at the market let alone buying anything. There are for sure, IMO, legit reasons to be nostalgic.
  11. Whats wrong with the swarm? Seems pretty great to me.
  12. realistically, since we still have fairfight i dont think it should be that hard to look at a given player's stats and see the discrepancies - unlike players who straddle the gold/silver borderline, dethreating isnt a matter of a bad match or two here and there If someone who only does well in bronze gets gold, then has to go to silver district, and run up against the best players possibly, wouldn't that look like such a discrepancy? So possibly ban people when they already spent all day in gold getting wrecked? The threat system is totally broken right now IMO, trying to fix the system would be a much better use of time than trying to figure out who may be trying to take advantage of it.
  13. But really, you need proof to do anything, and with dethreating there is only one actual proof, and thats admitting it. I'm not defending the practice, but I'm sure you are well aware, there are a lot of people who straddle the line between gold and silver, or those who are silver and go gold because of too many fights with bronzes etc.
  14. How are you going to enforce dethreating anyhow? Unless someone admits it, how can you tell if someone is trying to dethreat, drunk, or just bad?
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