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  1. 'cus i think it's a fair price. Jericho has less population, so i've got fewer customers. I price my stuff at 80k to be competitive. "Why would i buy this shirt over here for 100K When i can get this one for 80K" Get me?
  2. Oh shit, i forgot to add that lol. Jericho NA.
  3. So, i make clothing... ALOT of clothing. How much clothing? Honestly too much to link. I'll link to my APB Screenshots on steam though. I photograph everything i make and put it on there. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Goabea/screenshots/?appid=113400&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid Anyways I sometimes sell my clothing for 80k (or 40k if you bid) per item. I list them randomly though keep you fools on your toes. Jericho Server - NA
  4. I'll share a few more clips from other streamers. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling here.
  5. These are amazing. Great work as always, Wordie.
  6. Do you have a favorite streamer who did something awesome and got it clipped on Twitch? Share it here! Since this is a new topic, i'll share a random clip from my recent stream.
  7. haha time to show off. lmao i suck at formating.
  8. Yes, terribly so. That's why I refuse to design on female characters.
  9. i like the work on the Abstract tag. 8/10
  10. Just here to share some jeans i've made recently.
  11. Just a few designer related questions. 1. What types of clothing will you guys be adding in the future? 2. Will Armas clothing ever be tradable Personally, I think they should be. It'll add more "flavor" to the market. 3. With the engine come with better textures at all? 4. Will we be able to buy individual items from packs on armas?
  12. Well let's see. I'm Francis, and that's Grandpa Bill, and THERE'S ZOMBIES OUT HERE, OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!
  13. Woah, is this you zombie? Normally you're not this nice.
  14. Just my version of a FIRST POST. Also, if you guys like this, I could post more videos like this.
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