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  1. Hyped up my boys so they can return to APB again. Now I had to show them this thread Words cannot describe my frustration.
  2. Really excited to see the new stuff in the JT store. I have been sitting on a pile of tickets for years now and I knew that one day they will be worth something. My gut was right. RIOT in Beta. Wanna see what tweaks you guys made JMB 22.....not really hyped. Its either gonna be useless or brokenly overpowered Can we get a working Match Making/Threat System in the JMB 23? I'd buy tons of those.
  3. From what I see on NA, Enforcers are the inferior faction (I've mained an Enforcer since OBT and stuck with it) Crims have the best-skilled players cause its EZ. Ram Raiding for money is lucrative. Also, all the cool/edgy kids are crims so......
  4. Flesh described it best It's not a true BR mode so people who want that experience will not be drawn into it. The community doesn't want to play it because its complicated and your screen is cluttered with all these icons. It will make new players really confused. LO shot themselves in the foot TWICE with this idea. I do however like the new Faction. It could be used for future events and game modes like...... DEATH RACE!!!
  5. I don't post much but I think its time to do it here. RIOT is meh. Sorry LO nothing personal, but its a mess overall. Its already confusing for veterans, how do you expect new people to pick up and play? EU was promised 6 years ago, RIOT was not. I say to deliver what was promised because people are starting to get impatient (myself included). Closet cheaters, poor server performance, unbalanced missions, horrible matchmaking, no REAL content since 2015! There is only so much veterans can take before saying "Fuck this I'm out" As for a new game mode.....I HONESTLY think people will like this more than RIOT mode: For those who have watched the movie, they know what I mean. I believe this type of racing has its place here. We already have the car kits to make vehicles look like that (NightRider, Waragi, Pursuit Special) Besides RACING DISTRICT WAS PROMISED AND ADVERTISED YEARS AGO! Think about this @MattScott I legitimately stand by adding a game mode like this. Haters can downvote the fuck outta this post! I won't change my mind!!!!
  6. - No ambient sound in the city kills whatever immersion left - Removing car spawners was a horrible idea. This will leave new players completely confused and clueless on what to do. Running for miles is not fun. At least add more cars that spawn randomly. I could not find any cars this time. - Spawn system is horrible. It spawned me 5 meters behind the person who killed me. Also did that for 2 other enemies..... you could guess the outcome - Add some special effects to the winning screen. It's boringly silent. For example - those neat sounds when you redeem something from your mailbox/unlock new stuff from contacts - Remove stupid looking skins from the weapons. It looks silly and I can't take this mode seriously. All guns should have the base skin applied. - UI needs some love. Everything is so in your face. Also, Minimap doesn't work. You can't see your group members on it....
  7. I knew from day one that they will be overwhelmed with work. I was really hoping that the knew what they were getting themselves into. But I agree 100% for FE. Its a shitty outdated Fallout knock off. If you want an amazing apocalypse game just buy Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate when its on sale. Best bang for your buck you will ever get. Sunked at least 300 hours into that game. 33 Players on Average? Damm, what's the point of keeping it alive? It has nothing to offer, unlike APB. APB is a unique game, FE is not. Drop it and move on.
  8. I think people should appreciate that we finally got NEW CONTENT! I don't mind the changes because let's face it, Social hasn't been touched for years!
  9. - No ambient sound kinda ruins the immersion. - Overall I liked the event. You had to figure it out yourself. Promotes teamplay. - Car spawners don't seem to work (even if I had money to pay) - Having a custom UI would be better in my opinion. As we have played for years that Y/N pop is associated for calling backup. A better interface to buying weapons would help greatly - Also death cam doesn't show the person being watched. No name, not even weapon set up. - Reducing the wait time would be appreciated. We are sitting 5 minutes waiting for a 2-minute countdown. - Removing the silly weapon skins would be a plus in my book.
  10. I can understand that the Devs are swamped with pretty much EVERYTHING so they probably did not have any time make anything new for Easter. Still waiting for EU on OTW.
  11. Another quality Pair of Socks thread. Added to the pile.
  12. I think yall should give them some credit for trying. Looking forward to this event. Hope it's not going to be a mess like some other events in the past.
  13. I run EM3 for a reason. Due to my ping I need those 2 extra shots for a guaranteed kill. Sometime 8 shells are not enough and I don't like Bando or Mag Pull for the reason stated. I own a CSG RT1 and it feels more persistent with a tighter shot spread but that I think its the biggest shortcoming since if you miss with the tight spread on the CSG you are less likely to hit something, unlike the JG's more spread out pattern. *Pathfinder voice* Mozambique here!
  14. I REALLY hate to blow my own horn here but..... I don't see the nerf anywhere..... Everything looks good to me. Also, I play on 150ms so with less latency my JG would perform even better. I will admit that I don't main shotguns in Mission Districts because of the limited range or maybe because I don't perform that well outside of FC with it.
  15. The weapon prices are reasonable. Especially in the Secondaries. 15$ for an Account Wide sidearm? That's a steal! But for everything else.....eh the prices are upside down. I waited patiently in the hope that I can get the Collector's Car pack that included the Kurai, Moirai and Gumshoe and I felt the old price was kinda steep.......now its above 40$.... I only have one reply to that: You will not have my money.
  16. Rank 30 is low but it's a start! Better than nothing.
  17. 2 mil is the average run of the mill Anything less than 1 mil is considered broke by my standards Anything above 4 mil is Rich Gang Status.
  18. 100% agree As for someone who grinded 10k JT to get the 4 Slot 4x4 I can say is NERF IT! The Health, the ramming power need to be balanced I have 3 lower end cars because I like their free spawns and their small profile but they just cant compete with the bigger vehicles in any way making them obsolete. I would kill to see some variety in vehicles and not everyone maining a Pio or vegas
  19. Decided to start posting my stuff. My Enf here.
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