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2 hours ago, glaciers said:

increased matchmaking times

more boring matches vs nongold players

game dies faster

Increased matchmaking times , game dies and boring games affects everyone not only golds. All this happened because golds played in silver district and not in gold district.U reap what u sow,the problem is that u are affecting everyone else too



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2 hours ago, Frosi said:

There need to be weapons balanced around new players, average players and the best of the best, balancing around just one will leave the game frustrating for the rest and on top of that a lot of top players think very one dimensional with the goal of turning APB into some sort of competitive game, no bloom, laser beam guns and supposedly "high skill" requirement. In a world in which the game was balanced around top level players guns that are aimed to be entry level guns for newer players will not even get close to be able into whatever the 'top players' decided should be the meta. 


Meanwhile SPCT has housed some of the best and most experienced players in the game that all have their fair share of ideas amongst other things. I've read your recent posts and its becoming increasingly obvious that you have some sort of grudge against the SPCT because they aren't adding wall running, crouch sliding or recoil patterns to the game, let alone reworking 100+ unique guns, to someone that actually understands a fair share of the inner workings of APB, comments like this have about the same value as "Add horses" or "Add motorbikes". Everyone is allowed to have their ideas for the game but the second you attack those that have been giving non-stop feedback, making them aware of issues as well as using countless hours of their free time to help the game in any way, shape or form then your argument immediately becomes a whole lot less valuable as it shows that you are not able to have a proper discussion.


We test patches, we don't ship them.

Fatal flaw in decision making. You're adding low skillcap guns (or lowering the skillcap of guns artificially with unnecessary bloom)  just to catter casuals who don't want to grind out this game and get better. This is not how balancing is done in any way, you are gimping the top players with this, as seen with the NTEC changes which were suggested by your fellow SPCT member.


My mentioned balancing suggestions would in fact help newer players too (the pros have been mentioned in my previous posts), they could get accustomed to this game easily if the mod discrepancy wasn't so huge, stock F2P guns were more consistent and accurate (without mods dictating so) and there were so many unnecessary mods which add to the feeling that "veterans have more mods and better weapons hurr durr".


The last decent SPCT member I recall was rooq (as he has qualities that extend beyond APB in other shooters, or atleast that's how it seems to me) and Kempington (due to his knowledge in weapon stats), about you specifically I cannot talk as I don't know you. You seem to be one of the few gold players SPCT has...

I do not have a grudge against SPCT in any way possible, you have misread my intentions. Rather, I have a grudge against people that want to dumb down the game (and games in general) further for no reason by adding unnecessary RNG mechanics (i.e. bloom) that artificially lenghten TTK (and have mods that impact RNG too, i.e. HS) and negating impact of weapons in multiple-ranges where combat is done (a.k.a whisper should always win close range fights against an NTEC, even though the better aimer should win these encounters), instead of just increasing TTK and making them reliable and consistent (allows for much easier minttk, thus making combat more fluid). Consistency and higher TTK allow for grind-ability, allowing players who are dedicated to shine (and people's mechanical skills would translate over to APB easily)


The mentioned tweaks that you quoted from my threads are "far away" land, tweaks which would be nice to add but cannot be added now due to EU constraints. Weapon balancing, car balancing and mission balancing can all be tackled however.

You can always start by adjusting F2P guns, the thing everyone has access to and 3/4 of the mentioned "+100 unique weapons" , or I should say, reskins are based upon. 🙂

I do appreciate the time and effort all of you put in testing, not trying to devalue it in any way. I just question the decision making sometimes... There does not seem to be a agreement between you on what a game is and what it should be... Or rather there is, but that path seems to steer away from what a competitive game is supposed to be... This is when comparing APB to proven, competitive titles come into play and where I come in, suggest things and you can talk about it inside your testing circle. 🙂


1 hour ago, glaciers said:

if it works at the top it works all the way down


theres really only one gun intended to be an entry level weapon for new players and its already in the "not even close" situation youve described - holding back better balance to preserve the performance of the "new player gun" instead of just changing which gun new players receive is backwards logic

^ this man gets it, kudos to u

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Another suggestion lol but probably not easy to build.Option to challenge to a match player/group of ur same threat.There must be list of the current players/groups in the district with info about their threat,ongoin status(if they are in mission or not)if they are solo or in group.So if ur lets say silver player and u want to challenge another silver whos not in mission(same for groups)u must be able to do that

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