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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm playing APB for a long time, and I noticed that one of my biggest flaws in this game, is indeed my aim, I struggle sometimes hitting the enemy's, specially in close quarters situations, I looked online for a way to find the perfect sense, but there is no videos our forum topics speaking about this subject. I know besides any change on my aim settings it's all about training and getting used to, but I feel at the same time, that maybe my sensitivity is not as it supposed to be. Any method to find the perfect sense? Thank you everyone Ximin
  2. It was said that game was *launched for community* (so it's *running*), then there are 2 simple questions to Little Orbit: 1. When are you going to address general game performance issues such as: - unplayable due to lag on weekends and not only on weekends - sometimes down without any warning/ETA to fix - no warnings about potential performance issues and outbreaks Any plans to address that issue in general? Any plans to warn users (yeah, there are *some* warnings in LO discord, do you consider it enough)? 2. Who is your game community? - how do you see your game community? - whom do you want to be your community? - what do you want/not want from community? - do you in general want feedback from your community? - will you continue to host the game, if there are no players (no community)? etc. Please, describe your game community, as you see it. @Emilydid I tag you correctly? @Alarisasked me to tag Emily dev from LO team
  3. If you experience 1-2 FPS when you launch the game on a new iGPU such as Intel UHD 630, then the workaround fix is as follows: - Install VMWare player (free) and setup a Windows Virtual Machine. You need ISO, so can use Windows Media Creation tool for simplicity. - After Windows install power off the Virtual Machine, enable 3D Acceleration for that machine, power it on and install VMWare Tools - You can get Direct X from Windows Download Center - Install and play the game on Virtual Machine. With low settings should be 60+ FPS. If you did everything alright, than Graphics Card on your virtual machine should show VmWare SVGA 3D If you game doesn't patch and load, but internet connection presents on your Virtual Machine, then add Firewall Exclusion Rules for FE updater and FE client. Game was tested to run on legacy Intel HD 4000, so it should run better on new iGPU, just problems with drivers+game interaction: it won't use iGPU for render, which is clearly seen on GPU performance graphs. Hyper-V will most likely not work (GPU partition method should be slow for that card, and pass-thru is disabled i new versions, unless you hack it somehow) Virtual Box will most likely work.
  4. I've played a lot of APB and I am friends with a lot of people who have played a lot of APB. Many of whom have quit the game. some of their reasons are big and hard to fix but some are smaller and not at all too much to ask for. -It takes too long to level. (I don't think this would be too hard to change. Just increase how much XP we get as mission rewards. The game has drastically less players than back in the day, so missions are farther inbetween and leveling takes longer. when I hit max rank in like 2015 I was at about 800 hours on 1 character. Which is entirely too much and most people don't ever put that much time into ANY game. let alone a single character.) not even max -Not having a contact in a specific district (Though I am aware this one will be disputed because it would make it so 1 map is obsolete most the time, I do feel there is people out there who may have quit because they got tired of that endless wait for financial east to populate. This change would help with my first point as well. That 800 hours of leveling was when i had option of playing waterfront or financial at like all times of the day.) -Buffing bad guns, leaving "good" guns alone (An issue I and others I have spoken to are having is that we have played this game for so long that we have played the same guns over and over. This is largely due to the fact there is some guns that are just not viable and its not due to the fact that NTEC is just drastically better, because it isn't. Its due to the fact that a handful of guns have been nerfed and buff so many time while the others remain the same and left in the dust. I feel that buffing these less used guns would add some spice to the lives of the remaining playerbase.) NO point in even taking them out -Arma/ingame rewards for forum activity and testing activity (Over the years we've seen many changes to the game and most of those changes were not at all what the community/game wanted or needed. I've thought about it for a long time and even spoken to others and we feel it is due to the fact that only a very small fraction of the community actually comes on the forums and responds to suggestions and questions (some of the people who respond DONT EVEN PLAY the game anymore and just enjoy posting on the forum because they have friends and such.) In OSRS they have polls, which is an ingame way of voting on changes the devs are going to make. Another idea would be maybe giving clothing/currency/cars/guns/JT/titles for those who vote.) -Slotted secondary weapons (Another one that people might not agree with, BUT I do feel it would add some spice to the gameplay.) -Reward and promote content creators/streamers (The APB community has some very creative and cool people in it (also some horrible ones) and they all stream and create videos. They upload these videos and those videos get more views than the game has active players. This is FREE ADVERTISING. Utilize them, embrace this and do what rust did. Rust and other games literally have stuff in their games named/designed around their content creators. I recently played a game and they literally promote their streamers ingame on the menu screen(I'm aware something like that would need engine upgrade) but its still an idea.) -The tutorial still sucks (The tutorial teaches people the basics(kinda) but it just throws them in and doesn't help them with things like what mods are best for a gun/character/car. I've seen people with high-mag scope on an OCA and think its their fault they're not killing their enemy who "has the same gun" as them. Also give more rewards from the tutorial, these people need like 100k by the time they're done with the tutorial. The tutorial give like 1k which gets you like 1 shirt and a haircut.) -Reducing civilians and civilian vehicles (The game and server don't run very well sometimes, The reducing of how many civ cars and civilians on the map will allow the server to put those resources else where.) -Parked civ cars ( Making it so some of the civ cars are parked and not moving would also help with server performance.) -Quality of Life shaders/config features (Currently a big debate is configs and if or if not they're unfair, I am personally in the mindset they are not. But, many do not agree, which puts them and new players at a disadvantage, either because they do not know how to put it in, fear being banned (because of the next person ->) or they have these principles where they refuse to do anything that isn't clearly allowed. I feel like adding some of these things into the game itself would help.) -Embracing and rewarding player made guides (There is some good AND in depth guides made by players. Put them ingame) These are just some things that could help. Anyone who has any ideas they would like me to to add to this post, please comment them or dm me on something and I'll add them @MattScott The game is dying but not dead, people come back all the time. Make it easier for us to progress and play.
  5. I was wondering what can I do about these little screen freezes I get all the time. I know a lot of people get these "micro stutters" too, where your screen will freeze for maybe a quarter to a middle of a second. These often cost you a kill and are really really annoying. I've seen some people who run their game super smoothly in streams or youtube videos. So, what is there to do about it? Do I need a monster PC to fix this? It's weird that no matter what settings I'm using I still seem ot get the same amount of stutters. Doesn't matter if it's all Max settings and resolution, or if it's custom minima setting in 1024x768. I'll always get 60FPS (or 102 if I'm not capping it) + A lot of stutters What part of my pc should I upgrade to solve this? Or is it more of a game problem?
  6. Ever since the introduction of EasyAntiCheats, I have been wondering about why it's disabled to change the affinity and priority now. But I would assume this is a security measure of some kind (since you can allow EAC to run on just 1 core, which seems odd but doesn't affect the game process I guess). However I found a way to still allow High priority to the APB Process (for affinity I use Process Lasso). I first contacted Matt asking if it was allowed to post or not and he gave me the permission to post it after some testing. Basically what we gonna do is add a registry key to the registry of Windows to tell Windows we always want this application High priority from the get-go. My first impressions felt like the mouse input latency (mouse to screen reaction) felt a bit smoother compared to before. But that could been placebo effect, most of my testers also claimed the same thing. Disclaimer: Now I am not gonna say it's gonna give you +30000% boost in FPS or frame time consistency because it's not going to. But it might help with several systems running a lot of processes or just tell the OS to give resources to this application first. I made this into a simple reg file to add it to your registry. (remove the keys to revert the changes) VirusTotal.com: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/841ae6c2fef5fd40a32ebca3d472558f9d3f90ad43ee54788ff257087e897527/detection Download reg file: https://mega.nz/#!c5ARTYQZ!KEek0mbEkahcFR29zgHy_z7-IE0mz1kfY-VY3Zlu3ws The source code in case you want to do this manually: (keep in mind the forums make . e x e "program", so it should be \APB . e x e) Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\APBprogram\PerfOptions] "CpuPriorityClass"=dword:00000003 Let me know how it works out!
  7. I'm starting this thread because people have made good points on both sides of the argument involving RIOT mode and the engine upgrade. Is it good to get new content in the game? Yes. Absolutely. Is it time for the new content? No. Absolutely not. The time for the content isn't going to be soon. We NEED the engine upgrade before any content expansion. I'm saying this to have ease of introducing new content. If you wait on content and upgrade the Engine, however long that may take, then you'll know the code necessary for changes and be able to properly organize things on the backlines. We need you, LO, we do. We need you to follow your heart and consult your mind when it comes to these decisions. RIOT mode won't bring as much as you hope, not in the game's current state. Regardless of the server you are on, anyone can tell there are issues with the game that needs to be fixed, and content expansions on an already broken engine is just going to make things worse. I know that people are going to disagree, and thats fine. Something needs to be said though, and it feels like (from my end) that any advice from the playerbase, when talking about criticisms that are constructive, seem to not be getting through, not being looked at. I want to see APB thrive just as much as the next guy, I want to see APB return to the popularity that it could be, its just in this state.. Thats not going to happen. As for the community of APB, those who are still playing, and those who have left, please I want you to give feedback, let me know your thoughts and please, lets keep this as professional as can be. And lets keep a neutral tone in this and be as unbiased as possible. @MattScott
  8. Hey, im here with just a simple question. Can i get banned for no-fog mod? I know Matt talked about Advanced Launcher but no about things like no-fogs... Ty
  9. Nvidia user performance settings & System tricks Less spech, let's start • Step 0 • Windows Right click on your desktop and click personalize, then select and apply the windows classic theme like this: • Step 1 • Nvidia Control Panel Click START next CONTROL PANEL next HARDWARE AND SOUND next Nvidia Control Panel then click on 3D Settings like this: Click ADJUST IMAGE SETTINGS WITH REVIEW and then select USE MY PREFERENCE EMPHASIZIG and spin the bar to left on PERFORMANCE when done click APPLY • Step 2 • Nvidia 3D Settings Click on MANAGE 3D SETTINGS and copy the exact content of the screenshots(2) below, and click APPLY when done • Step 3 • Nvidia Physx Click on SET PHYSX CONFIGURATION and select your GRAPHIC CARD when done click APPLY like this screenshot: • Step 4 • Windows Performance trick Click on ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS screenshot below: Click on ADVANCED and click on SETTINGS ... screenshot below: Now click on ADJUST FOR BEST PERFORMANCE and APPLY, for close the windows just press OK screenshot below: • Step 5 • APB:R Vanilla configuration Go in APB:R Options, turn the graphic in minimal, and leave the tick from smooth frame rate and vsync, then go in the tab advanced and leave the two tick and apply // Updates for advanced users (recommended): You can disable / enable HPET for the best performance, you can search for this on google and read carefully ! Disable all the power saving option in the bios and windows Disable in-built audio system from motherboard, these usually uses windows high-definition / realtek drivers and causes alot of troubles like audio stuttering, better using a cheap external sound card at this point Disable contents indexing of the hard drive where windows is located Re-locate the page-filing trough another hard-disk, out from the hard-disk where your APB is placed Re-locate the Asset-cache folder (the one inside APB folder), you have to link that in another hard-disk there should be a Karyl tutorial // Updates for everyone that uses nvidia: Texture filtering trilinear optimization should be ON (screenshot mistake) thanks Dive for let me notice that A lot of thanks to 'Steamcloud' for posting this. I think this thread helped a bunch of people getting into the basics of tweaking mechanics. xxx
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