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  1. Well that was disappointing, didn't even get to play. Not being able to even get passed the character screen for the whole duration. (edit) Oh I'm sorry, I cant express my feelings toward the beta test. With out offending someone. Got it.
  2. A bug that existed forever. This happens with Nvidia or AMD. Doesn't matter. Wonder if its gone with the engine update...
  3. So it is that old pretty bad mobile game of APB that was released long ago? lol "APB Retribution" Nevermind it's not.
  4. Remember that time when Fairfight was actually working when first implemented and it banned a lot of cheaters. People who have been cheating for YEARS. And then we unbanned then all. Good times. LOL
  5. IMO LO should have changed it by now and moved on to other ways of revenue instead of scam boxes.
  6. Really don't care about RIOT since seeing the rundown. Any type of BR inspired modes annoy me. EU4 will only make me come back to the game. Hopefully, it comes with much needed simple fixes and more balance after. Every company is a bit late to their own BR style train. It's the bane of games now. TLDR. Adding more bloat to APB won't add to killing it. Just keep people away.
  7. You can kind of get that answer from rerolls and x/y/z known cheat infested clans. It's simply Yes and No.
  8. Just block everything already. /end lol/s What really needs to happen is things need to be implemented for everyone. New players who do not have mouse accel fixes and auto sprint edits are at a minor disadvantage. Change my mind.
  9. I kind of feel like this could have waited. Not now. Not like this... Release it with the engine update.
  10. I like how every thread where someone complains about cheaters. There are always people like omg there are no cheaters here, we have BE/FF etc. I mean are you playing this game blind? I mean don't get it wrong, there are threads of new people who don't really understand the game accusing people of cheating but... We do kind of still have a high population of the small population on we have left of daily cheaters... Also, I'm talking about low rank blatant, not closets... That's another issue. lol
  11. The real question is... why are you still waiting. It's already dead. Get rid of your frustration and just stop playing leave it be. As much as you want it to meet your expectations, it won't ever.
  12. Wonders if a majority of the staff is still in the backend...
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