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  1. Hey there @Sakebee, nice to meet you, welcome. Me and my friends are not motivated in testing these changes, im going to give you some simple reasons for that. 1. I need to pay for everything like is not a test district, ammo, granades, consumables charging, car spawning; 2. The weapons you asking to test aren't sent to the mailbox like the previous ones (everybody need to pay for them or have them alredy); 3. The system keep spamming the same text everytime you die/rejoin it; More. At the end, i also think JT's are not enough as reward to be given to whoever thinks to play in there with all these missing key features and changes. No offense, but a Test District, should appear and be a real Test District, not just a financial with the name changed and couple of changes that you need to read on the forums. For example.. putting these changes written into the district itself wouldn't be a bad idea, for who don't read the forums, just make a contact and if you press on it you will open the page saying all informations. Really there is no reason for us to play in there, except few joker tickets that we can even earn in the normal districts or in fight club (until you make these changes) Ah and also this thread shouldn't stay in this section. Is not related to game districts or social, but tests, which usually goes into OTW and if not into another section, but not this. Be sure to read everything, of course not everyone will agree with me, because sadly i know how is made this community. Tag/quote me, if you wanna answer.
  2. Also i was curious about something, why don't we have our beautiful christmas dump trucks with the lights and the hat? Reference image: @MattScott
  3. Oh btw, you just fixed the invisibility of the skin, still don't works. Im talking about OCA Whisper, if you choose Occult-Demoness it shows same as Default one. Please fix. @MattScott
  4. Basically this. Not any words, just > disgusting. PS look at achivements and event rules on both
  5. yeah, i know that also but this should mean today is the first day of them to put up the event till the 1th of january 2020, 2 weeks.
  6. So christmas is going to be only 1 week? yeah, because they will not put it tomorrow (today), except if they will announce something before 9 AM PDT (which is weekly maintenance time). Also agree, use the forums instead of social media, i mean.. use both of them, why shouldn't peoples from here don't know about those? I can't understand.
  7. I would also like to see something like that into the forums, without change the page and go to the Patch Notes section just for see the server status.
  8. npc on APB....?! seriously... I know that the population of this game was really poor, but we need only some more players.
  9. uhmmm.... i think that gold must player in gold or silver districts no? i don't think that they always helper new players, they sometimes are not (dipends).
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