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  1. the servers are still down right ? So tonight we cant play :/
  2. Why you remove the Valentine's event so early? Awww I only needed 15 kills to complete the event and reach Rank 5 :d
  3. I agree, because of someone it has become a useless function, so many players leave 1/2 second after group join, the thing is very annoying because almost all the times it forces you to play 1 vs 1 missions, I think that the missions on this game were conceived as team play and this function goes against this feature.
  4. EvilDaphne


    Hello, I was wondering if you can add the possibility to buy 1/2/3 days of premium becouse sometimes we need to make a small change maybe on a design on a dress or on a car and honestly having to buy a entire month of premium seems excessive, talking to other friends in the game the thing could be interesting, thanks.
  5. since this is the social section and in this forum exist "Announcements & Server news" section... couldn't you write the news about the servers status there? just to be more orderly.....
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