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  1. Free Premium but cant trade, send mail or go to Social. Sweet!
  2. Nice big FU to those of us who have supported the game since day 1 basically having spent actual money to get guns like Last Stand etc. only for the exclusivity of them all tossed out the window for what? How about offering out the RAF rewards to those of us who got shafted the first time around if this is going to be a "thing" to keep ppl playing or drag new ppl in.....
  3. Can we get some kind of an update about this "provider" who seems to be doing nothing but making shit worse for the company let alone the flippin game? Someone needs to seriously dropkick those knobs right in the falopian tubes.....
  4. We got the ONE teaser video and then nothing since....
  5. Bullet Tracers Clan Ranking/Rewards Shaders Car sway cam Old Mission Opt In/Out Choices, which made the APB in APB relatable content
  6. While Ive had an over abundance of JT that were worthless until now. O wait, they still are.
  7. Yea how about adding the RAF items in there considering some of us got shafted on actually receiving the rewards from G1? Also Its quite a kick in the face to see all the crap Ive bought off Armas just to have it wind up on the Joker store...
  8. Yep, same here. Just as I was actually wanting to get some clothing worked on... Pffffffffffffffft!
  9. Im sure sitting in district track yelling at em is productive enough, my bad.
  10. Id like to hope you think before you type but thats wishful thinking... Your Poll A. Pick my choice cuz its the right choice B. Everyone else who doesnt see my point is the problem so lets insult them Now I remember why I willingly vanished from this community for so long....
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