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  1. uhmmm.... i think that gold must player in gold or silver districts no? i don't think that they always helper new players, they sometimes are not (dipends).
  2. that's can be a great idea...
  3. i repeat..... NO SENSE! i'm never see horses in a city, and APB doesn't need that!!! i don't horses in city.
  4. lol horses.. really!?!??!?! that's impossile! APB doesnt need horses. NO SENSE!
  5. wow, i rellay like this modifications. that's a great job. Thanks for all! i'm really happy for it!
  6. i like RIOT, and i like thi type of game too. It's great and for me can increas the population on APB.
  7. why? i am bronze, but i like playing in the all servers (green, bronze, silver and sometimes in gold silver and in the fightclubs). its not correct if u say that green and bronze must be "lock" in the green district.
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