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  1. I was wondering why the thread disappeared and then surfaced again, then I saw the video was missing ...
  2. I remember another thread where a player was asking about nudity and the tos. It seems this is becoming a very foggy issue.
  3. At this point it seems to be a very dicey thing to get a legendary. Whether you get a gun from opening boxes or just buying in the game marketplace, there is a substantial sacrifice in getting these weapons. It doesn't seem right to change the stats of a weapon you obtained to make it less useful, not without some compensatory balance.
  4. That pretty much seems to be the case here. I will never understand why some folks need to cheat so bad in this game or any other for that matter. Or it could be a problem with connection issues. I had to edit this because it sounds like I am just accusing this guy of cheating when it could be other reasons for it although I thought if you got kicked from BattlEye it was because of cheating.
  5. Yes I know the gold district is empty. I just don't understand why all the gold players show up in the silver district. It's not that I got a thing against gold players but there are quite a few that seem to be there just to get easy kills or just to sabotage a mission when your paired with them.
  6. I'm no expert at the mechanics of matchmaking but I can say exactly why as a silver player I stay in bronze districts because it's the only chance I can get to play against other players of my rank. Go to a silver district? Yeah right! The place is "Gold City". You will get stomped by gold players which is not something that bothers me as much as the grief you get from the opposition and the players on your team which is worse. I was paired with two golds against an all gold team. My own team decided to kill me over and over, wouldn't let me complete objectives and lost the whole mission (which I suspected they were trying to dethreat). This happens again and again in silver districts. And you get some golds on your own team that takes it upon themselves to critique your every move because somehow you don't play to their high standards. I mean if your such a wizard at APB and you're a gold why don't you go to a gold district and try to impress the hell out of everyone there? True not every gold player is like this and there have been some who have been downright helpful but I see it more and more every time I play how miserable the experience can be when you get some types that are out to ruin it for everybody who is unfortunate enough to get paired with them.
  7. I wish we could customize our weapons but that's NEVER going to happen!
  8. I was teleporting around alot tonight, in the middle of the street so I rush off and fine cover, three seconds later I'm magically back in the middle of the street ( I wasn't the only one). Driving was a total nightmare where the car I'm driving would swerve left or right out of the blue.
  9. Always check the top of streetlamps and flag poles. Check the top of some joker boxes (that one is a little difficult considering the announcements drown out the sound of the pumpkins). In construction sites always check the T-pipes and and cement bins (small one yellow , long one is red) also under the highways. Knock over any garbage if the sound of the pumpkin sounds real close to it yet you still don't see it . I usually circle along the border of an area getting closer to the center (I caught alot of pumpkins that way). Sorry this is not the exact answer you wanted but from what I understand those pumpkins are placed random for each player. I guess it's so no one produces a video or map of all the spots. It seems like an impossible task but even I managed to complete both districts, just take alot of breaks if you start to feel aggravated and then start again once your refreshed (it helped me). Good Luck !
  10. I like the fog because it reminds me of Silent Hill and the The Mist. Even though there are no lethal NPC's I still keep expecting to see some hideous monster come out of an alleyway or leap down from a rooftop. We need some spooky music to play in-game for the next Halloween event!
  11. Ok that's it ! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE NOW!!! lol I played three missions today and you're right , it is better to have three teams. For me it was kind of fun to play with a mix of enforcers and criminals! (My only problem was with the trolls we had on one mission but thank goodness it was just one incident for me). I was going to "like" your comment but it says I ran out of my allotted reactions for the day.
  12. I had the same problem last time I was in. I actually ran past two opponents going in the opposite direction. Neither one fired on me so I'm guessing they didn't shoot for the same reason I had as they weren't registered in red to me. I did turn around and found out if you aim in their names will turn red and you can shoot but that was just one isolated incident so I cannot say if that's a valid workaround or not. I don't know if this was intentional or not and my first thought it was a glitch due to the fog effect.
  13. I got Waterfront done for pumpkins and just have Financial left but I'm going to do epidemic first for now until I can complete an assignment (and god I hope I get a few easy ones) and then whatever time I got left back to hunting pumpkins.
  14. LOL oh man I haven't heard that in a LONG time!
  15. That had me confused for a day or so until I started doing that and then discovered you had to complete the tasks in order to progress.
  16. That seems like too much time, even with a new zone. When I mentioned earlier about the time frame Cryptic does (For Star Trek Online) to make an event. That includes story line, new maps, and in alot of cases new items and ships (if not all). And these events are to continue the story line, that's not including regular holiday events. Granted comparing these two games is like comparing apples and oranges, one is pvp the other is pve. But I do think the mechanics for creating new content and events do follow similar protocols (even with different engines). And yes they did take a risk making this event in such short time but if I can ham it up a bit I will quote from a famous Captain and say "Risk is our business" and sometimes that business can be good.
  17. I agree 3 months to make an event is pretty damn impressive. I think it takes 6 months for Cryptic Studios to make an event from planning, testing, to finally launch and even with that there are bugs from time to time. I commend Matt Scott and his team for putting out this event and appreciate the efforts to fix any flaws (bugs) that may have occurred. I am enjoying this event and look forward to any future events or projects.
  18. I have to agree . I was a little bit let down that there were no actual zombies, and the 3 team thing would have been better with 2. But I am starting to get better at the event and it is fun to be something other than grinding for rep with contacts. I swear I don't know how some folks just go on a hate rage and expect that their complaints are going to help (not the ones offering constructive criticism and feedback). The fog effect is really cool. I wish we could have that added in regular mission districts on random days!
  19. This tutorial really has helped alot , my sincere thanks for posting this !
  20. yeah but Cookipuss employed the Shao Lin gif technique!
  21. I see what you mean . It's more like a "cover you butt" scenario where legally it could be interpreted that these programs could be labelled as "3rd party programs". Even though we all know outside of the legal definition they are perfectly ok.
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