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  1. Archon

    NA Servers... Y?

    Bruh I got faster internet. Kek
  2. Archon

    APB i am bored.....

    Pls no flexing that you get more than the 101fps 60hz cap
  3. Stable performance as TV head said, an inventory menu thingy that doesn't make me want want to scream by how frickin sluggish it is. Hopefully. But it's what coming afterwards I'm excited for. Engine update is just the start, boiii
  4. Archon

    this post is only for the edgy bois

    Top tier discussions as ever, keep it up boys.
  5. Darn, I wanted to buy the Talon, idk now
  6. Archon

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Bruh, Han Veo would be dope, it doesn't get enough love
  7. Archon

    Any ping guru? xD

    You ever just speed test your internet to flex on Aussie n.. mates
  8. I kinda think this whole forum thread was shade tbh
  9. Archon

    N-tec bloom changes?

    Maybe it's the old IR3 that you are no longer used to "- Increases maximum reticle bloom substantially"
  10. That is my main issue with the main menu, why would you make a game menu a bigger load on your PC than most of the game, garsh. second issue is that it's kinda lame and I get tired of looking at it
  11. Step 1. Get a really fast gaming PC and a 144hz monitor, 2. Dummy down your graphics down to borderline potato mode because this game has no optimization and stretch 4:3 to 16:9. Viola! In only 5k hours of gameplay you'll be as l33t as the l33t bois Honesty I dunno what the point of this comment is, I suppose I wanted to be half as pointless as the OP
  12. Archon


    Googles 'how to delete someone else's post'
  13. "This community has a twisted sense of humor" H-hey :c
  14. Was it yesterday in EU? WitchQueens 'Pay2Grief' event gains quite a few players
  15. Archon

    APB Error

    If it happened after a server crash then it simply means the servers are too borked to properly sign you out. It should go away in a min, otherwise it's something else