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  1. Archon

    Hoplite or Spartan

    I like my Spartan, the determining factor in getting it over the other SLRs was the smaller mag size, making it more accurate to how many rounds the gun holds. I personally don't care for the look of the original CR762, maybe if it didn't have the scope I'd like if better
  2. Whenever I try to quote someone, write a message then post, everything will be deleted and the lil red words 'this field is required' will pop up. Very frustrating when you've written a long message and it all gets deleted
  3. I thought maybe you might have some more info, because I have played quite a bit since the patch and have not seen this happen, I even got on to test with a Pioneer under different circumstances, near a wall, near other cars, from both sides and could not manage to experience this (can't quote because forums broke)
  4. I would like to know how you managed this feat. I wanna be able to chill in the backseat of my car
  5. I usually avoid accusing people of insanity but in this case I think I may have some bad news: you have the big crazy (Taken literally 2 minutes ago)
  6. And he's even talking about the fake golds in bronze, that takes almost no effort
  7. Excuse you, I was addressing the OP. Also we kinda have similar PCs; change the 6700k to a 7600k and the 1070 to a 1060
  8. The game has taken longer to start up since the last few patches but like, it's another 3-5 seconds max You guys just want to complain, quit dissing Little Orbit, it's very childish
  9. They'll always cry, nothing will be good enough, however, this is good news I guess. I just always fear the day that LO trys to appease the people crying hacks and history repeats itself with lets just say 'less than just' bans
  10. Archon

    Legendary Weapons can be sent through the mail

    Forums broke? ok nvm
  11. Are you guys calling speed hacks on the poor foreigners who are warping all over the place from lag spikes due to poor server performance as of late? Back when Hoplon was first merged I called someone a blatant speed hack because he warped twice about 15m across the street, but turns out it is just what happens sometimes when people are 4,200 miles away + shoddy Apb servers
  12. Archon

    Legendary Weapons can be sent through the mail

    Ok wait, but why?
  13. Discussing threat is on topic, because it being doodoo is a big reason people left; bad matchmaking = no fun = people leave
  14. Archon

    i hate the new system trade

    Oh no 3 days, the sky is falling! If you traded for a gun in what circumstance would you need to turn around and trade it off again?