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  1. Archon

    Post your stats!

    I get no emails from G1 even though the boxes are checked, I don't even get important ones sometimes
  2. Archon


    I really hate when people say that LO is inevitably going to go down the same path and turn out exactly the same as Old G1. You can blame the community and it's toxicity all you want but in the end it's not a real reason to give up on your game and it's community. I'm confident LO will do a better job and not go down the same path, I think Matt Scott is the best type of CEO we could have possibly asked for. I'm grateful for them all, Selali seems nice (which is good for a head of CS), Lixil is a great CM, we really don't deserve this much attention given to us fringe group of crazies c;
  3. Mine is about something else but account related, I'm #4884 and sent it almost a month ago, take a number and sit patiently like the rest of us @.@
  4. Archon

    Is this allowed?

  5. Ive seen people 'imitating' players, having a uppercase i to have the same name as some with an L in their name for example, trying to get people in trouble, it'd be unfortunate if that's ever worked in getting the real player banned
  6. The sniper thing just confuses me, so if you strafe a lil while ADS it wont do as much damage? I do alot of nervous moving while sniping
  7. Y'all ask for the silliest things
  8. Mine is just for music spammers
  9. Then it'll annoy the peeps who spent mun on Armas just to get a certain vehicle, just leave it be
  10. Archon

    Marketplace TAX - Let's Talk

  11. Damn you east coasters get good Citadel ping o.o From Texas I get 155ms, playable but meh
  12. Archon

    Running faster?

    Just a random thought, are you playing with a shorter character than usual? My female char looks like she's running faster becauz she's smol owo