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  1. Archon

    You're not Excused

    Also I'd like to add, I am very bad and I have better ping than almost all of you, thankyouverymuch Edit: I actually am not that bad, just mediocre yet I still fall in the low goldisphere, can we derail this into a thread about how bad the threat system is?
  2. Archon

    Autumn Assault.

    It is most definitely Autumn the more you know
  3. Can we get an ETA on Armas changes pwetty pls, and what section(s) is planned to be tweaked next? (I really want to buy a certain clothing pack that feels very overpriced atm, hoping for either a acc wide option on more packs or a more reasonable pricetag)
  4. I'm too lazy to hurt my head trying to read broken English, did anyone TL:DR this?
  5. Is it Q1 2014 already???
  6. Archon

    Pet peeves of APB.

    Biggest pet peeve I don't see mentioned much; the awful animations. I'm not talking about how they look, they're entirely desynced garbage; most of them are way too long, someone pulls out a gun and can start firing it while the character's head is down and the gun is pointed away, and the hand switch animation, it is 100% pointless!! You can fire your gun instantly when switching hands, why on Gods green earth are they animated as if they are equipping the gun out again? Intentionally to bamboozle everyone? Gosh
  7. Archon

    Secret Epidemic Team???

    Hey my name is in the screenshot, thank you for the publicity
  8. Archon

    APB Reloaded Trailer

    O-oh... Gamersfirst made this, not RTW. That explains alot
  9. Archon

    Fix servers LO

    Jericho went down last night, yes, but at least there was not the consistent warping for hours that's been going on every day since before the start of the event, so it's at least they're not as bad as they were *shrug*
  10. https://www.gamersfirst.com/account/apb tells you the date it expires
  11. I played to today and all I want for the time being is Playable. Fricking. Servers.
  12. Archon

    Missing Weapon Skins?

    Well, I have all three of those on my account already so I assumed that's why I didn't get email or anything for Rank 2
  13. I think I might know waht the glitch is, I have a theory at least; I've destroyed enemy barrels at where they spawn in a captured region and when I do another glitched barrel sometimes comes back instantly, cant shoot it, and can walk through it. Maybe you are picking up this glitched one
  14. Just gotta be creative with your names ¯\_(ツ)_/¯