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  1. @MattScott has only been one thing to APB and that is honest. so when he states that cheating is their top issue and that they despise it as much as we do... then we should believe that statement. they are trying to ensure bans are done properly. and that process takes a lot of time. if you have ever been wrongfully banned before, you know what i am talking about. all the while we play that game and face the cheaters, getting ever more "tired" of the situation until there is a venting... because we feel nothing is happening to remove them from the game. we have to take solace in what info Matt is providing us as there really is no other way to resolve the issue. it's closing in the holidays... and maybe it's a time of year for us to come together as a player base that cares about this game and wants it to continue... drop the "git gud" and what not hate statements... and just try to support each other? it's really hard to do because it's so easy to revert to emotional response when you are emotionally evoked. but in the end, this is a game. and it should provide fun and not be a dark spot in your life. do what you can to at least provide documentation for LO to pursue these people. be happy that we are at least all together in this and let's see what comes of this issue in a few weeks time. seem reasonable?
  2. at this moment in time, cheaters own the game. you can define cheating however you like, but anything that is done to allow the weapons to shoot without recoil... or allow a character to move in ways that cannot be duplicated using keys or a controller is cheating. lag switching is cheating. the list goes on (and down) from there... "reporting a player" needs to be turned into paid employees (like the in-game gm's) controlling/patrolling the game... like they now do in H1Z1. just being active in fight club for a month would remove a huge chunk of the problem. and the "free" aspect to playing the game needs to change so you don't have a cycle of "ban/respawn" occurring. if it means more credible information is gathered to play, or the game is $9.99 or ... whatever else can be done to make the process unattractive. apb is truly amazing software, but in the current state it's no longer fun to play.
  3. it's a shame once people won, they were allowed to continue playing the game. many times, what it created was a teaming situation where buddy/buddies/clan would stay in the match and target-kill to alter the outcome of the game. lots of warnings were issued in the games i played on dec 4th by the gm, but no one was banned. and they just continued to do it over and over. same with repeat winners. it was so much of an issue that they extended game play for an additional 30 minutes to try to let other win (which didn't work).
  4. i had an incredible experience with a GM that came into Citadel and stopped the cheating. it was only for about 30 minutes time, but for 30 beautiful minutes the game play was just plain old fun. even kill counts between most of the players. real "shoot out" gun fights. it was so encouraging to experience and see happen. all the players on the server were pumped... all be it for 30 minutes the game just has so many cheaters in it, removing them is going to take huge efforts. and continual investment. enforcement from battleye that is "close" to accurate... capable of helping and not creating even more havoc.... plus in-game GM's that can escalate issues so corrective action can be taken... all good stuff.
  5. i encounter a lot of players that can move left to right strafing very large distances when in close combat. like covering 4 feet of movement each direction back and forth. they can also use that to instantly pop from behind cover, shoot, and return to cover. my character can't do that. it takes a much longer time to cover that distance. i'd like to better understand how to perform that move if anyone on the forum knows. thx!
  6. uraputz

    Cyber Monday Sale

    +4 for the use of the word 'grift'
  7. uraputz

    So many cheaters

    @DouglasFalcon, i was in citadel and saw them as well. they went to fight club and mowed everyone down. it's the same old stuff. triggerbot. no-recoil, 'instakill' guns. everyone has around 15 kills... then these people are sitting with 40. takes a very blind eye to not see what's going on sadly for those that still play, they are ruining what is left of this game...
  8. okay... so i tried this again using the lmDisk and it is working. AMD Radeon RAMDisk was the issue. it is starting the update process now. very excited to see this in action!
  9. i followed this tutorial, but am getting this error when running the launcher... System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'D:\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\AssetCache\System Volume Information' is denied. i can see the directory path and write/read from it. i created mine using... i am using AMD Radeon RAMDisk mklink /d "D:\steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\AssetCache" "Z:\" symbolic link created for D:\steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\AssetCache <<===>> Z:\ any ideas as to why this might be happening? i am launching it from Steam in Windows 10. thank you!
  10. no new player enjoyment hacking (triggerbots/aimbots/esp) toxic player base server lag issues that's my take on the large reasons the game is struggling in today's market. the players get rolled into fighting experienced players and find it a miserable experience. they run to the mission point and sometimes have their own teammates kill them or say toxic things to them in chat. not exactly 'fun' for the new player. then it's 'quite game, uninstall, leave negative review on Steam, playing another title...'. whatever your opinion on the hacking, there are just a lot of "hmmmmm' episodes you experience while playing that are hard to explain. that does not build playing confidence in the game and does not build confidence in buying in-game items from Armas or for paying for a Premium account. with no financial support the game can't exist. these are lot of the same struggles H1Z1 has faced. and their solution is potentially taking the game BACK to not being free, manually hunting down and banning hackers and manually patrolling the game for toxic players... all with instant bans from the game. and remember, H1Z1 had a players base of over 89k online at the same time at one point. and now, it is down to 4k. not all the decline has come from these issues, but they played a major role in the games demise.
  11. uraputz

    Anti-cheat work ?

    the game has BattlEye, but it is not enforcing (banning)
  12. https://www.pcgamer.com/us-judge-blocks-tools-that-help-gta-online-players-cheat "On Thursday, U.S District Judge Luis Stratton awarded the injunction against Georgia resident David Zipperer, who Take-Two had accused of selling two programs without the company’s permission, which provided players who used them an unfair advantage in GTA Online." this could/should open the doors for software/game makers to actually have a path of legal action against these companies.