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  1. playing this game and spending a lot of time in it... i think the move is much more than a 'goods' issue. it's a cultural one. from the situation i've seen in citadel specifically, the russian integration has not been good. the chat is full of russian's typing in their native language mixed with some pretty harsh words in english by other players. players exiting the game when matched with russian players. then comes the whole 'cheats' situation... whatever you personally want to make of it... it's very heated and destructive to the game. i don't think in any way this integration will be a positive thing for the overall game. maybe in time if there are some sort of steps made to help with integrating languages... or facing up to the cheating issues... tons more in-game baby sitting... or something... it will help. but none of that will be done. it will just be a "move it" process and the fire sale will progress...
  2. i know it's painful to discuss because at this point, it's almost naming and shaming with such a low pop... but, i have to agree. i play/played a lot of games beyond this one and have never seen a situation where the folks who own and operate a game allow such ridiculous and obvious cheating to happen. these cheats are often by the same players and used over and over and over for months and months. and laughably, many of these same people are accounts that were previously banned multiple times for cheating in the past (even if that was under a questionable banning process). fight club is the most painful place to experience it. jericho and citadel. if you don't play them, i suggest you go spend a few hours on each over the period of a few days gnashing your teeth. see how gun fights feel. see if you think it honestly feels fair. some good players for sure. but many are not skilled. sadly, just cheats. LO has a good, if not great heart. and, i know they want to get every ban right. but, they appear woefully understaffed and incapable of addressing an online game with this type of social element and game play.
  3. uraputz


    the game should be fixed to not allow this sort of stuff...
  4. uraputz

    Tresh Event

    i hear you... event is probably not the issue. the cheating players... that might be the issue
  5. @Drovalin, when you run EmptyStandbyList, do you pass the single param standbylist as the param? c:\EmptyStandbyListprogram standbylist thank you for sharing this!
  6. i think adding AI PVE would be great. there are a lot of options on how you could do this... teammates, roaming enemies, weather elements, etc... the games very open world can allow a ton of small to large integration of AI over time and in various modes.
  7. regardless of any of this, unfair game play ruins the game. on this issue though... it certainly seems like, when numbers reach departure from well above average, it should be 'alerted' and manual intervention queued to review it ASAP. if GM's could be called to issues like this, it would make their in-game time so much more valuable.
  8. i wonder if battleye is possibly your issue? have you contacted WTFast about this directly? they might be able to look at some debug log for you and determine what is causing this.
  9. so a request for a custom cat is totally out of the question? your work is beautiful! going to go check this stuff out shortly...
  10. this is very well done. surprised what it does to alter the gameplay. i'm prone to motion sickness, but... i must say i'm taken by the movement and smoothness. it does indeed change the presentation of the game. if this was added to the game, it does feel like it would mechanically alter it enough, that it would provide advantage to those who chose to disable it. thank you for sharing this @iTzBlackout
  11. this is really crucial. it's the best and only way to get these people investigated. it seems like a good idea, but ultimately what cookie says is true. absolute power corrupts absolutely. it takes a calm minded process to rid players that cheat to help prevent unjust bannings. i really feel for @Kreedzand hear what is being said. it's so frustrating to have matches where you and your team have opposition that are blatantly cheating... and over a long period of time. it just feels like it's hopeless. so you turn to this forum with pent up aggression and let it rip.
  12. one thing i can tell you immediately is that resolution makes a large impact on quality. i have a rig similar to yours but an i7. i usually run in 4k but have pulled down to 1920x1080 for this winter event. the quality is still really good. you can save a lot of cycles by pulling down textures individually. i keep things i like at high rez, but lower other elements that don't "matter". in "Other" settings, pulling down the distance view on things can help as well. the game is much, much more CPU that GPU at this point. your SSD is a big help. but make sure you don't have other processes running in the background that eat up cycles. search google for 'game play optimize windows' or something like that... and win 10 now has a 'gaming' mode you can use... which is better than nothing
  13. yes. performance issues after the update. i noticed it in OTW testing and reported it. i have been able to improve my gameplay by dropping the resolution. i feel like it's related to the snow regions that get rendered or something like that. hard to tell...
  14. when it is the only option of a player, especially a new player... this should be auto selected for you.
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