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  1. no new player enjoyment hacking (triggerbots/aimbots/esp) toxic player base server lag issues that's my take on the large reasons the game is struggling in today's market. the players get rolled into fighting experienced players and find it a miserable experience. they run to the mission point and sometimes have their own teammates kill them or say toxic things to them in chat. not exactly 'fun' for the new player. then it's 'quite game, uninstall, leave negative review on Steam, playing another title...'. whatever your opinion on the hacking, there are just a lot of "hmmmmm' episodes you experience while playing that are hard to explain. that does not build playing confidence in the game and does not build confidence in buying in-game items from Armas or for paying for a Premium account. with no financial support the game can't exist. these are lot of the same struggles H1Z1 has faced. and their solution is potentially taking the game BACK to not being free, manually hunting down and banning hackers and manually patrolling the game for toxic players... all with instant bans from the game. and remember, H1Z1 had a players base of over 89k online at the same time at one point. and now, it is down to 4k. not all the decline has come from these issues, but they played a major role in the games demise.
  2. uraputz

    Anti-cheat work ?

    the game has BattlEye, but it is not enforcing (banning)
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/us-judge-blocks-tools-that-help-gta-online-players-cheat "On Thursday, U.S District Judge Luis Stratton awarded the injunction against Georgia resident David Zipperer, who Take-Two had accused of selling two programs without the company’s permission, which provided players who used them an unfair advantage in GTA Online." this could/should open the doors for software/game makers to actually have a path of legal action against these companies.
  4. these weapons are included in the pass... PS-247 Oblivion H-9 Curse SG-21 Strife AR-97 Misery R-2 Harbinger i do not see if they have open slots. does anyone know how they are setup? thanks!
  5. anyone else running this? i'm testing it and on my gtx 1070 it looks great! wondering if anyone has any issues with it. thx...
  6. yes... PLEASE add this feature to disable them or mute.,, even if it's 'listen 1 time per match' i'd tolerate that. but as it is now... i would like everyone at Little Orbit to get the old AOL "You've Got Mail" sound file and have your PC and phone play that every time a message comes in. mix in a "YO" and "HEY" as well as a high pitch test tone with it. see how long you can tolerate that :0
  7. uraputz

    Big guys in the game

    my enforcer is a large character. and yes, it is rare on NA servers. i have worked with upsize/downsize and it didn't appear to make any difference in getting killed. i do notice it when playing fight club and not being able to easily fit between things or easily jump through windows.
  8. communicating the 'what's and why's' to the community is a solid customer service experience. thanks to you and your team for the weekend service. it does not go unappreciated!
  9. uraputz

    Game not displaying at the correct resolution

    I had a similar issue... blurry looking textures... and what solved it for me is deleting the Config folder, starting the APB launcher->options->repair. it will download some textures and rebuild that folder. my game now looks beautiful. always make a backup of the Config folder before you do this just in case...
  10. man...…. you guys are correct. thank you for the responses! SOLVED