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  1. I believe G1/RP mentioned it at some point that they'd have to re work the UI (maybe something else too) to be able to have slotted secondaries.
  2. Yeah I was wondering too.. The Curse is pretty fine as it is, blooms a bit much when full autoing, but I don't remember it having recoil
  3. After giving it a bit more thought @MattScott I also feel that just lowering the damage of the HVR would have been a much easier and less confusing change. But we'll see when we actually get to test the changes.
  4. Cool finally changes to weapons I want to use but are bad
  5. Please just disable VIP totally until you come up with something better... Giving the other team free wallhack is dumb
  6. When you don't realize that the sale start time isn't your timezone and buy stuff.. And it wasn't a small buy I'm not too happy about it
  7. The text editor for mobile in portrait mode is super limited. Also landscape mode is quite limited. Desktop mode on mobile has all options, but I wouldn't want to switch to that every time I want to put a little more detail to a post. Please make it less limited for mobile.
  8. Out of those 15000000 games I'd rather play APB atm. Also the servers have been breaking all week, I think that's a bit longer than a second.
  9. If you think using 25-100$ to respawn a car is much then I dunno..
  10. This thread was locked because the author was supposed to post it again, but I don't see it anywhere and it's been a while already? Did they just not want "their work" to be reposted by someone else or what? I'd like to see the thread active again...
  11. I think this would be really good. Then we could easily report people for other non cheating things.
  12. I say no to removing items from ARMAS.
  13. Maybe LO made the hax so they can buy the game when G1 gives up /s
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