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  1. Using PaymentWall is one of the worst choices you can make
  2. Thanks to @MattScott for solving my issue
  3. I like the auto resupply at death even though I usually refill ammo when I see it happening the first time
  4. 2 months+ I think you could wait a bit more. And sending multiple emails won't help. It will just make the support even slower
  5. I bet the same people who are doing the engine upgrade do the ticket replies... Not
  6. I've waited a bit already, but I guess it'll happen at some point
  7. Thy have 20 shots because they are supposed to be a bit like Joke Carbine
  8. I think there could be a daily thread limit too, no one makes that many threads a day
  9. I'd like to know what is the average wait time on support at the moment? Is it over a month?
  10. And now a more serious answer, have you tries to get access to the email? Since apparently you know the email address just not the password for the email... Shouldn't this be possible?
  11. What ever I'm using right now since I don't want o use ntec, haven't used one in years And HVR... CR762 reskin, DMR, Scout, Anubis
  12. If the enemy team has many snipers I sometimes take DMR instead of HVR
  13. This will never happen, too many tryhards with a potato aim using them I like to have 2 nades still while using flak jacket.
  14. In TDM both teams have the wallhack so it's not a problem But with vip only 1 team gets it
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