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  1. I have this too on my new pc, on my old pc I've never had this happen
  2. N-Word? N-Tec, N-Tec, N-Tec, N-Tec, N-Tec, N-Fa, N-Fa, N-Fa, N-Fa
  3. Removing emotes and quotes from posts seems to be impossible on mobile.
  4. Would/could be fun, but I'm really bad after a 2 year or so break
  5. COBR-A is not like N-Tec. Nowhere near N-Tec. (bad) Mix between Joke Carbine and N-Tec is the closest I would give it
  6. ACES Rifle EM2-3 and Mob sling is my setup. Scout, if there's an open slot one (I can't remember) then probably same stuff that Duck uses. (HS1-3, IR3, some others) CASE lmg is identical to Alig if I'm not wrong. PSR is identical to HVR. C9 identical to oca if not wrong. Norseman, I've only used the one with the blue mod, CJ3 RS3 were my options. Never tried other mods so can't say if any of them would be good too.
  7. Maybe I'm weird, but I've always used and liked HS3 on my Colby M-1922 Also I always use HVR and JG with Bandolier 2 (2 because it doesn't leave me with a half full last mag.) Obeya CR762 with Bandolier 3 gives a total of 10 magazines (150 rounds) of reserve ammo this is good if you like shooting a lot (HS3, CJ3, Bando3) And thanks for posting this here. Now to get the newer weapons to this list
  8. Would love to see the crosshair changed to something that doesn't block the screen as much
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