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  1. Are there really that many cheaters tho?
  2. Using PaymentWall is one of the worst choices you can make
  3. Thanks to @MattScott for solving my issue
  4. I like the auto resupply at death even though I usually refill ammo when I see it happening the first time
  5. 2 months+ I think you could wait a bit more. And sending multiple emails won't help. It will just make the support even slower
  6. I bet the same people who are doing the engine upgrade do the ticket replies... Not
  7. I've waited a bit already, but I guess it'll happen at some point
  8. Thy have 20 shots because they are supposed to be a bit like Joke Carbine
  9. I think there could be a daily thread limit too, no one makes that many threads a day
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