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  1. Finally!Trading System!Now we can traide items without any risk The search system at the auction would be cool
  2. Hmm....Brick? LMG-Case K.O Assault rifle-FAR 'Spearhead' or ATAC 424(Just for fun) Semi-Automatic-STAC 10 - (Scope) R&D III Shotguns-Joker TAS20 - Stock or Shredder EB(Just for fun :D) Sniper Rifles-ISS-b 'Dog Ear' or PSR 'Kite' R&D III/N-HVR 762 Dvah(If you dont wanna max sniper role) SMG-PDW-57 'Stiletto'(From Loyalty Reward's) Secondary-Joker RFP-9 'Fang'(Secondary OBIR/Famas just OP gun)
  3. It's old G1 fault and ther "promises" about new engine and other staff what they could not do,community may change only after big change's in game...
  4. And if i just...play a game?!Alot's of them told me what im p2w,but they can buy OCA nano anytime on mp and other legendary's too and since than stock Ntec is p2w!? This is not normal dude...
  5. What's a real problem of APB...i got 3 Character's and all of them has full ignore list(50 player's)(Never start any of this "Trash talk's")
  6. What's rly sad It would be interesting to watch how Lixil learning how to play with community or with her friends
  7. Thank's for a free premium and better Armas prices,gonna get mine 255r with it
  8. I hope you make APB stable Thanks for the news
  9. DopeSV

    Bring back Beacon

    What about challenge's on Beacon?Same as Asylum or Baylan?
  10. Blue character mod for what,would be nice xD
  11. Oh daym i want everything But mostly N-ISSR-B 'Dog-Ear',CASE 'The K.O.',Shredder SB R&D III,OCA-EW 626.2 "Silverado"(If it will be in Armas again),High Roller Clothing Pack and "Armored Bonus Pack"
  12. DopeSV

    HVR nerf - the only way

    What LO gonna nerf in HVR? I just do not even know what they can change...
  13. Bucket hat(Panama xD) More Jacket type's Snapback More Winter clothes More Glasses More Armor
  14. I think new gamemode called "Riot" gonna be like "Chaos Distict"
  15. This is nice idea,but NPC in APB is not able to attack It would be cool if LO make this happen They actually can make anything else with what type of NPC(Civilian Riot???)
  16. DopeSV

    Old threat system

    Better new one...not everyone knew how "Old threat system" work's
  17. Bad idea...JMB 9 cost 100g1c,Tigg's Power Box 400g1c so R&D III not gonna be rare anymore
  18. Yes,no more disconnects,before fix i got kicked everytime than i join any district...
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