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  1. It's even more simple now. Instead of 15 levels, there are 10 levels. And, you want it announced you entered Bronze District?
  2. Of course they haven't. To these FC Heros, everything in the Districts is working as intended.
  3. We are currently using the RTW Threat System... It's just hidden.
  4. Hurr durr... I no use cheats. Believe me! Sorry, if you got banned, ESPECIALLY now with EAC, the "I no use cheats! I swear!" is such a lame excuse for getting caught. Wanna know how you truly don't get caught? Don't use cheats. "Using 3rd Party Tools = Cheats. Also, just because the heavy rainstorm came through, there are still unseen traces of your footsteps. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. The people with the proper tools (i.e. Anti-Cheats) do.
  5. 1) If you put in the effort to get those letters, put in some effort to clean it up. That, or shut up. That's such an old topic, you should be ashamed of bringing it up. 2) Git Gud. 3) No one cares. Once LO has done what Matt Scott said they'd do, what is the point of replacing a screen to have it replaced later? 4) Again, Git Gud. 5) Who cares. Try hards are already using outside VOIP, and no one plays as a team anyways. 6) Hurr durr Engine Upgrade. Already addressed 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times. 7) Again, already addressed, and there is nothing you can do about it with the population too low, now. Deal with it. TL:DR - This type of post is near weekly, and you are bad for posting up yet ANOTHER thread about it.
  6. I run around on a character in a bikini, named DoubIeDee, with the Clan "nice lady Squad" and Anime tiddies all over my cars. I've talked trash to tons of people in the 2k+ hours I have on record. I am sure what you've said, to get banned for "trash talking" was incredibly super toxic.
  7. It does currently work that way. Just too many varying threat levels on the same district. You have the range going from Bronze 1 to Gold 5. Matchmaking was designed for Bronze 1 - 10.
  8. What did you think was going to happen? Goodbye threads are not allowed.
  9. Well, if they are purposefully lowering threat to go get wins... Then, yes.
  10. Edited to keep the conversation shorter. Edited to keep the conversation shorter. Exactly this. There is no proof that threat locking caused a massive loss of players. "but wHAT ABOUt All ThE GOLDs THAT leFT?" What about them? Good riddance. They were the ones constantly going down to Bronze to stomp new players anyways. And as far as your claim of "juST dEtHreAt hArDEr".... You obviously have no idea how Threat works, nor how hard it would be to dethreat all the way down to Bronze, just for a day of stomping noobs. That's the problem now.... .The playerbase is too low to actually fix it, no matter the opinion. Threat lock now? It's kill the game. Threat lock when there were three times the amount of population, it could have saved it. But noobs like Hexerin just kept wanting that easy opposition.
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