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  1. And maybe because the SNR was waaaaaaaaay too shitty for new players. If you look at the starter gear, it's the best two weapons in the game.
  2. Who said I disliked the game? I actually still praise it. What makes the game shit is the community. They didn't want to prevent new players from getting roflstomped years ago. They threatened to leave, instead of realizing that they're the problem. With no influx of new players, because Golds threw a temper tantrum on forums (even though population started to actually grow), they undid the Lock. And even then, made it fuckin' worse, by letting Golds in Silver, with no need for dethreating. And then nothing was done, as Max Rank Golds are stomping everyone in Bronze servers for years. You're reaping what you've sown. This game isn't serious. This community isn't serious. If you were, you'd be taking steps to preserve new players experience. Now... You can't even get Max Rank, because WF is dead. GG. Well played.
  3. Anyone that takes APB seriously after all these years really needs to get their head examined.
  4. So... The best thing to do is let it continue... So, keep growth from happening. This community loves to watch this game wither away.
  5. APB uses Glicko (iirc), so it's more than just your 3 threats. What they need to do is lock the Districts to threat, and make it so you can't deethreat 1000000000 times a night.
  6. I said it years ago... Need to strict lock threats to their districts. Need to lock out dethreating to at bare minimum to once a week, but even once per two weeks may not be enough.
  7. If you are dying constantly and consistently to a camper, you obviously don't know how to play APB. There are at least 3 routes to all positions on the maps, and Snipers exist. So.... Running becomes Meta with a Car Surfer turret with an ALIG?
  8. Enemy was further. Their car was 49m away. Basically, you were out of range.
  9. Dethreating never stopped. Why do you think the NA Pop is so low? Better options of games.
  10. What a noob. Grinding for a Nano. Haven't even played enough to get Mission Nanos. Git gud, Buyer.
  11. Equip OSMAW. Equip Flak Jacket. CQC OSMAW is best weapon.
  12. It's even more simple now. Instead of 15 levels, there are 10 levels. And, you want it announced you entered Bronze District?
  13. Of course they haven't. To these FC Heros, everything in the Districts is working as intended.
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