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  1. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    2019 no Engine upgrade yet?????????

    That's my triple monitor desktop. And I have been into modifying and customizing since Windows 95, and being able to do custom folder images. Your desktop is trash. Double click, and then all the Fences come out, where things are organized, while keeping your desktop clean. Double Click again, and then it hides it all. Also, why have all those shortcuts, and then a bajillion things on your taskbar? Have you not done Taskbar Folders? Like... That's why you can't have desktop backgrounds. Because it's literally littered with garbage.
  2. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    2019 no Engine upgrade yet?????????

    Get a program called Fences. Thank me later. Your desktop is atrocious, just like another user here. How the hell do you find anything on there?
  3. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    2019 no Engine upgrade yet?????????

    Defiance shut down. Now, if you are talking of Defiance 2050, I feel bad for you. Also, The Division 2 is a few months out, so The Division 1 will be dead... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then you picked up GTA4? Why? You just can't pick games.
  4. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    2019 no Engine upgrade yet?????????

    No! New owners should already have a staff of 300+, just like RTW did! And be able to do in 1 month, what a massive studio with a $100,000,000 budget took years to complete! Jeez! It's not too much to ask for, right?
  5. Is your claim that hacked damage of weapons? Or do you just need to git gud?
  6. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    3 character slots

    I have 4 characters on my account. <Flavor>Jenni has, like, 80 characters on a single account.
  7. It's funny, because this is how EVERY Tigrix thread goes. He makes a first post, with little to no detail, let alone what he is trying to point out, and then, as more and more people point out the thing he first posted, the entire post takes a different turn, and then, finally, we get to the meat of the issue. It's like pulling teeth. Now that we are at the actual meaning of what I am sure you actually wanted to talk about, yes, it's a slight slip up. But then again,, when have we ever had a chance at a symbol reward choice? Maybe the preview area is not available within the current coding of the GUI. Maybe they wanted to toss it out, without breaking the GUI, so there could be something for Christmas? Who knows?
  8. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    Matchmaking and Threat

    As a High Silver... I hated being in Bronze as is. It was either dethreaters, or new players, and very... VERY occasionally, Silvers vs Silvers. I don't want easy wins, or going up against Opposition that just single handedly stomps my team. I just wanted to play. As a High Silver, if I were to dip into Gold, I'd be okay being stuck there, if only for a few days as is. It wasn't always a constant battle between being Gold or Silver. Plus, I think you underestimate exactly how hard it would be for an average solo player to go from Bronze to Gold. There is so much map knowledge, skill, and partial luck needed, that it'd be almost inconceivable for your average Bronze player to suddenly be enlightened to get to Gold.
  9. Well, since it seems we need to put on our kiddie gloves and explain things to you.... 1) The Image of the Symbols is divided into two rows. The top rows are the (Symbol Name) 1 and the bottom row is (Symbol Name) 2. This is evident with Lixil's handy dandy chart that she posted right above the image. 2) These are SYMBOLS, and as such, look EXACTLY like how Lixil posted. Symbols are primitives, that you can use within the game, and color accordingly. They only have one color, unless you get creative with layers and other stuff. DECALS have the multiple colors. 3) You took time to post this, so, thus you are on the forums. And instead of reading the STICKIED thread made by the Community Manager, you just thought, in your infinite wisdom, that you were gonna be so super smart, and try to post something that you thought was a glaring oversight, but, instead, you got shown the answers, and are now trying to back peddle. GG, Tigrix. No re. Thank you. ^.^ Glad to see some things just never change. LOL!
  10. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Late to the party, but there is a quite easy way to stop dethreating. Lock Threat. And I don't mean by District. See, a regular player doesn't fluctuate in threat that often. Even I would maybe float up to Gold once a month. To stop dethreating, simply make it so you can only drop in threat twice a week, then reset the lockout during maintenance. This makes the people that are on daily, and habitual dethreaters locked into Gold for a majority of their playtime, or makes them only log in twice a week. Either way, that's a win/win for people in Bronze. If you want to take it further, threat lock the Districts. Give Silver players a real place to play, as well as keeping dethreaters away from new players.
  11. Reading stickied threads must be super hard.....
  12. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    Holiday season events and more

    Too bad Epic completely Bait and Switched on Fortnite, and tossed StW aside for BR.
  13. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    APB player base hits all time low?

    But it's not BR. It's just FFA. Goal? Survive. So far. There are events... But, I play on a PvE server.
  14. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    APB player base hits all time low?

    While DayZ has.... "Energy" "Hydration" "Blood" and "Bone"... But someone said thousands... You named one that has been in lackluster "Early Development" for 4 years. Meanwhile... SCUM has been out for a month.
  15. Nymphi--DoubleDee

    APB player base hits all time low?

    Really? Name me one MMO that uses in depth metabolism, diseases and other health defects (Vitamin deficiency for one), dynamic character model changes based on diet and exercise, realistic bullet physics, and fairly real Camouflage.