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  1. I remember an entire clan from jericho geting banned by gamersfirst for selling legendaries in a website for real $$$. Here, the ban is about selling game content for money. Ppl got banned for this before. Maybe someone deranged enough targeted this guy. I personaly think that they have a really sound evidence to ban him otherwise why ban someone promoting your game for free (its just stupid from their part if its not the case). They wouldnt comment on why they banned him and rightfully so.
  2. you are handling this way too well to be believable.
  3. Well its been a good ride. It will come to an end eventually.
  4. Abandon mission is usefull also so you dont be forced to play with a a55hole teammates. If your teammate wants to make you lose, he can just run around the district and not go AFK so he cant get kicked (it happend to me several times with max ranks). Rather than that, try to to improve matchmaking for new players. But eventually, this game is a harsh one , there are alot of factors that can put you in disadavantage. You can either quit or spend hundreds of hours to learn playing in disadvantage.
  5. The main reason for the population plummeting is douchebags insulting teammates and opposition. If you start banning players for that, the game will be empty before you know it.
  6. Buy the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR2 or the PMG. I prefer the Whisper because it has a longer range than the PMG ( 50meter). Other than that, you can buy an ATAC.
  7. I dont think so, but the match macking tries to find a tradeoff between geting an opposed match as soon as possible and finding a balanced matchmaking (or more so minimizing the gap between two teams) Say the server has a list groups in active unopposed mission and the another seperate list for players that are ready for missions (in group or solo). Players are represented by some numerical value whether it's simply the rank, total kill count or k/d ratio, win rate or an equation of all of the above. Same, a groupe / team is a sum of the players in it. The server use a gready algorithm to find a subset of players that has the closest sum of said value to get an opposed game going. Simply put, the goal is not just a fair or perfect matchmaking , the objective is to get an opposed matchgoing going as soon as paussible. I for one found my self in disadvantage alot of the time but im completely fine with that.
  8. I played only a few times per year for the past four years. I will try it again when i upgrade my internet sub or whenever the engine is released. APB is unique, but for many reasons it will never be recognized as such.
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