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  1. Toxic pop, im with you on that one. A tutorial doesnt help. Some learn in a few months others in 1 or 2 years. Some have been playing for years and still hackusate anything that moves. The game is set in its own way and is unfriendly to new players. I honestly dont mind losing & i dont mind if my teammate doesnt know what to do (i would even consider grouping with new players) as long as i dont get any disrespectful comments.
  2. Let me get this straight: multiple players that know each other, have their gmail account breached, just to get into their APB account. Ok, so either the ppl that did this know the emails you use for APB somehow (you subscribed somewhere to wrong forum or website, got fished through mails, or installed the same spyware/keylog/backdoor by all victims). Or the more likely scenario this is just another fictional story.
  3. The only thing that really bothers me is when someone plays with percs and NFAS/SMG espacially for a max rank. Ghosting for clan mates is annoying and unfaair but that is not that common with limited pop. Otherwise it's all good.
  4. I have no experience in game development tho I have high degree in Computer Science. I dont understand the technicalities of what they do to make the EU happen, but from past experience even in simple programming projects, upgrading a software that is not my own is often more complex than making a brand new one (unless its well structured and documented, most developers would agree that it's challenging).
  5. Well if they released the new contacts it would have lured old players to stay but that is schedueld with the EU. An event in action district with Mistery boxes or a tier rewords rewards depending a on the number of mission played / won would get players interested too ( i think it was named gold rush).
  6. I couldnt log in to the beta at all. I have only a R7 370 graphic card at the moment. But they could still turn this around. At this point i just want to see what this engine upgrade will bring to this game after 7 years since it's been announced. About the toxicity, this game is dying because of that mainly. Some ppl lives revolves about winning, no matter how. Im absolutly ok with losing, im ok with playing against cheaters, im ok with playing in disadvanage, because when i get frustrated i can change district or take a break. But when 8/10 games the opposition and my team insult me, i cant take it (some ppl might be fine with it, but this is not enjoyable for me and like it was said before the ignore list is not enough). Fortunately, i got out of this game 6 yeas ago & played only occasionally. I went on to do something with my life that i coundnt do if i kept playing this.
  7. JG, NFAS & NHVR: I cant play with them and i usually strugle playing against who use them especially the JG. Ppl accuse me of using a macro when i play with a carabine very often when im actually not.
  8. Maybe you were falsely banned and hopefully it will get resolved if it's the case. But posting about it wont fix anything. And like 99% of the banned posts, the presumed reason for the ban is compleatly nonsensical. A driver or mouse program, maybe. But new hardware, seriously?
  9. I remember an entire clan from jericho geting banned by gamersfirst for selling legendaries in a website for real $$$. Here, the ban is about selling game content for money. Ppl got banned for this before. Maybe someone deranged enough targeted this guy. I personaly think that they have a really sound evidence to ban him otherwise why ban someone promoting your game for free (its just stupid from their part if its not the case). They wouldnt comment on why they banned him and rightfully so.
  10. you are handling this way too well to be believable.
  11. Well its been a good ride. It will come to an end eventually.
  12. Abandon mission is usefull also so you dont be forced to play with a a55hole teammates. If your teammate wants to make you lose, he can just run around the district and not go AFK so he cant get kicked (it happend to me several times with max ranks). Rather than that, try to to improve matchmaking for new players. But eventually, this game is a harsh one , there are alot of factors that can put you in disadavantage. You can either quit or spend hundreds of hours to learn playing in disadvantage.
  13. The main reason for the population plummeting is douchebags insulting teammates and opposition. If you start banning players for that, the game will be empty before you know it.
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