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  1. Nice Update. Will we see a sync with our ARMAS purchases in Joker Store? You don’t need a trail on a gun you already have. This would also mean that Support has to deal with less “I have deleted my ARMAS gun, can you restore it please”-tickets and players with loads of guns can dump a few guns and get some new ones.
  2. I would like to see normal variants of legendary weapons offered in Joker Store or in general, like NCR-762, Colby Classic, OCSP, VBR, Obeya CAP40. Also guns that got retired could come back via Joker Store.
  3. Tried to connect to Citardel’s Social District twice (once through normal and once through advanced tab), after long waiting time I received World Server Disconnected Error message (You have been disconnected from the World Server unexpectedly).
  4. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? For me it felt like playing Helloween 2018 and Xmas Event 2018 event mixed with BR elements. Definitely a completely difference for me so far. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? Yes, if they liked the events mentioned above and if they kinda like BR games. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? Slowish teambased BR game mode with APB themed quirks and features. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? Remove personal loadouts and vehicles. More Weapon and Ammo drops around the map so you can pickup another gun. Maybe Joker vending mashines could drop random Weapons and stack up or refill your ammo. Also when you got killed the first time, you are very most likely in a bad spot with only a Colby SNR 850 equiped (Obeya FBW would probably a better choice as a RIOT starter weapon). Another aspect is that alot of players will only use meta weapons as personal loadout. RIOT could also break that pattern by forcing players out of their comfort zone and trying new loadouts and tactics. Finnancial isn't that big of an district so cars aren't that nessesary. Also car gameplay is sadly a thing in mission districts. If players could still spawn their "personal tanks" and force enemys to waiste their ammo on it. This puts the car gameplayer in a advantagous spot and would be a mechanic that kills RIOT game mode. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? Teamplay is quite relevant in this gamemode. Well rehearesed Premade teams have definitely an advantage. The ability to lockdown areas is the most unique mechanic in this game mode and adds also a stratigic element. Another thing I like is disabled character mods, makes it fair for everyone. What about RIOT do you like the least? When I was spectating, for me it felt like that the end game needs to be more engaging. The guys I've whatched stand around a lot. What Bugs I have experienced? When I was in spectator mode, I received the extra live pop up. I was able to kill 2 players in one round but during spectating stats switched to 0 kills and at the resumption there was also 0 kills. What things I would change or improve and some random Ideas The environment felt a bit too quiet in my opinion. Some patrolling policemen or other random events would be nice. Things like Do a spray point, deliver a package, destroy or hack something and get a reward. Speaking of random events I would like to see random events that have influence to gameplay something like random drops of very good equipment, money or maybe malfunctioning gas containers that make areas unavailable or available again. Some mini missions would be nice like A more detailed mini map would be convenient. Extra rewards for most kills, damage dealt, collected money or most done objectives. Not sure if additional RIOT exclusive consumables (like hazmat suit) would be beneficial.
  5. “complete 5 rounds capturing Checkpoints”- Daily Event (Slay Bells Event) and “reach weapon tier 5”- daily Event (12 Deaths... Event, Beacon) are bugged. “complete 5 rounds capturing Checkpoints” doesn’t progress for me at all. “reach weapon tier 5” progresses and finished for me but doesn’t go towards Slay Bells achievement. Had this on two characters and on none of them counted towards Slay Bells achievement. Did someone experienced something similar yet?
  6. I was finally able to play during the last day of the event. I wasn’t able to play previous day because when I logged in, event was already over. First the fighting area could be bigger and visible boarders would be nice. Spawning for me was very inconsistent, sometimes I was already in the fighting area other times I had to walk more than 200 meters. Sadly that wasn’t the only thing I had bad luck with. It happened quite often to me that I got “picked up” by other re-spawned players shooting me in the back when I was occupied fighting players in front of me. Access control for players entering and leaving the fighting area might help. Cars also should be locked out of fighting areas, especially during explosive weapons events. Hitreg issues accrued to me a few times. A few time I got stuck on a gun because I didn’t got the required kills other time one or two assists pushed me to the next gun. So scoring was quite puzzling sometimes. On Monday evening (3rd December) I joined Financial Event district and got disconnected 30 seconds after I’ve joined resulting in an Error 10004 (Account is already used error) message. Another time I was spending about 20 seconds in fighting area before I’ve got the gun game weapon. It was quite strange everyone around me got an EOL and fighting and I was still romping around with my OSCAR. It was also quite confusing when I spawned with Blowtorch in hand instead of EOL for the fist time. Weapon selection in general wasn’t ideal, especially in Joker Box event. Secondary guns event also had quite a low point with Colby RSA ‘Hunter’ thrown in early in the rotation. Also please give us a list of all guns used in the events. The rewards were nice, I’ve got loads of JTs and APB$, sadly nothing like a title, clothing or something else that is a souvenir from this event yet. You might say there was a weapon skin, what are you writing? But that was something for lucky players and I wasn’t lucky so no souvenir for me this time. The generous amount of 250 JT’s given to player who won more than one also might also spoiled the fun for others, but at the other hand why should you exclude them? All in all it was only a good event on paper. Sadly major and minor flaws and bugs prevented a pleasant experience for everyone.
  7. The Patriot Vegas G24 is the rear wheel drive variant, available trough contacts. Joker Vegas G24 is the all wheel drive variant, available trough Joker Store and ARMAS. Sorry for me being nit-picky but you mean Joker Vegas G24, do you?
  8. I want to point out another flaw in the current system. You start a mission without opposition and then you teammates quit or get disconnected. If you get opposition now you most likely end in a 1 vs 1 mission. If you are unlucky neither you nor your opponent can call backup. Is it possible to limit missions down to 2 vs 2 players? I know there are players who probably like such missions but I think this shouldn’t happen in a team based pvp game.
  9. I appreciate that LO is listening to the community, but if this happens on every time we wont have any progress. So please be confident LO and stay on the changes you’ve made. There are people who complain on anything. Improved Rifling has no significant downside again soon, unless you shout your gun on maximum fire rate your weapon. So what downside would prevent to make IR a straight upgrade to any open slotted primary weapon? More recoil? I actually got used to the IR changes. It might the choice of mods strategic, you get range for slower fire rate. Yeah you are probably worse on CQC as before, but that can be mitigated by choosing a secondary weapon suited for CQC.
  10. It would be nice if the Premium gets paused during server maintenance. The removal of advantages for cool-downs for Premium members is beneficial, because it wouldn’t have such major influence on gameplay as it is now.
  11. I forgot the AR-97 ‘Misery’, added it to the list.
  12. Indeed Agrotechs VAS R2 ‘Crown’ is a reskin of the regular NTEC 5. But the Integrated Rifle Silencer Mod makes it unique, neither the Joker CR-5 nor the NTEC 5 has such mod. The Integrated Rifle Silencer Mod also isn’t available for purchase yet.
  13. The NSSW already go a reskin, the (Agrotech) VAS SW2 Weapons which got no reskin yet are. - Agrotech ACES Rifle - Agrotech VAS R-2 Crown - ATAC - AR-97 ‘Misery’ - COBR-A - FAR - ISS-R a - N-TEC 7 - Raptor 45 - STAR - STAR LCR - S1-FA ‘Frenzy’ - SHAW 556 - SWARM - S1-TIC ‘Rabbit’ - AMG-556 - OSCAR - VBR - SBSR - Nekrova ISS b - Agrotech DMR AV and SD - NCR 762 ‘Anubis’ - S-247 ‘Oblivion’ - DOW Thumper - JG - NFAS 12 - Schredder - SG-21 ‘Strife’ - Agrotech ACES SMG - Colby M-1922 - H-9 ‘Curse’ - Norsman SMG’s - Obeya CAP40 - S1-NA ‘Manic’ - VAS C2 - AAEPD - Colby EOL - OPGL - OSMAW - ACT 44 - Colby .45 ACP - Colby SNR 850 - FR0G - Joker RFP-9 - N-FA 9 - Obeya FBW - Mountie - S-AS PDW - Showstopper - OCA Nano - OCSP - R2 ‘Harbinger’ - UL-3 - and all LTL Weapons
  14. One of the biggest population killer is probably the high expectations people have in the game. When BE was implemented the were everyone seems happy with it, but a few weeks after when first cheaters slipped trough, people were complaining because they faced a cheater in districts. It will be most likely the same with EU to UE 3.5. I would love to see a smooth transition to UE 3.5 but this needs time, which APB R probably doesn’t have because of its age and state of the community. If the transition goes like the console release, LO might have a problem. Hopefully LO will also manage to implement district phasing to improve matchmaking asap after the EU. A new tutorial which isn’t a brick wall of text would also quite helpful. Of course new content will also come, because it is easier to implement in to the game. But all this are dreams of the future about a game that might raise up from the dead again.
  15. I think after 25 to 50 boxes you should have the Legendary in your inventory, if you get it earlier the counter resets. The winning odds of all stuff included also should be displayed. Instead of random weapon leases, there could be a selector with all or selectors for a specific weapon type (SMG’s, AR’s, Rifles…). Consumables Selector, maybe. I’m not sure on this, because you might have leads of them in your inventory.
  16. As awful as this “review” is done, it show that APB needs an overhaul of the tutorial asap.
  17. Next weeks theme scene theme will be Drum ‘n’ Bass Also congratulation to all winners so far.
  18. I would say Mountie SF9 ‘Yukon’ is currently worth a lot, but LO is aware that this gun have to be fixed. So if you can spare one, sell it asap. There are also quite some decent guns that are currently get traded for less than 1 Million APB$.
  19. When I think about it, last time I used N-HVR 762 or its reskins during the 12 deaths of Christmas Events and on weapons test district back in 2015. Also never QS’ed and never jump and lean, memed with N-TEC 5 or reskins, am I so out of touch? I prefer N-ISSR-B as sniper.
  20. Mountie SF9 ‘Yukon’s hip fire rate needs to be fixed, the gun might be quite underwhelming after that. If LO manages to fix the hit registry in general, the NFAS-12 ‘True Ogre’ wont be as broken as it currently is in close quarter combat.
  21. LO first needs to do all the things done named as “infrastructure” by Matt Scott. Nobody wants to play a lagging game with occasionally freezing client, right? The Engine Update is also very important, making it easier to further improve the infrastructure and adding new content and improving matchmaking. The current tutorial is just a brick wall of text barely describing how APB:R works. An intuitive Tutorial in a separate district might help. Another current problem is player distribution. If a new player gets thrown into a silver district and gets obliterated by a legitimate gold clan probably wont be beneficial to the decision if he /she will try to learn the game or just quit. The current constellation of only two thetas beeing used for mission districts actually benefits de-threating. In silver districts you face golds and silvers and in bronze you face new players, bronze, silver, borderline golds and other de-threaters. This situation makes it kind of difficult to improve for mid-class players as well. I would even say that de-treating also heavily damaged APBs midle- class, I’ve just seen too much fake golds in the past who barely could hit a barns door while shooting in the open holding down the left mouse button.
  22. I have that horrid feeling even if Lixil had taken precautions, like creating a new account, play solo and so on, it would have come to that point anyway. Sadly a minority has thrown away a big opportunity for the entire community. That whole incident actually makes me also assume that a banned player probably never can fully redeem its reputation. LO lifted lots of bans to give banned players a second chance and also give the community some kind of restart. Sadly this restart probably wont happen because there are some individuals who digging out some stuff from the past on any opportunity given to tarnish the reputation of a certain community member, his/her clan or team mates.
  23. I think it is unfair to someone not using the extension exploit. What about a second category for normal 5 second themes?
  24. No, it doesn’t fit into APBs lore. It also would be hard to balance. The two top dogs PUBG and Fortnite also have a lot of players, I’m also not sure what LO could pull out to attract players and get a peace of the cake. There are also a dozen of other BR games that tried to entice PUBG and Fortnite players. So the market is pretty oversaturated in my opinion.
  25. Currently my biggest concern is that the community expects to much in short term. The weapons balance pass hopefully wont end in to much controversial changes and drama. Engine Upgrade to version 3.5 could be bumpy and it might take some time until it runs smoothly.
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