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  1. well EU and NA have different providers and DDoS protection options. I don't know wut they do. A simple way if putting it would be the servers run stable when no DDoS is happening but the servers still have butt code. so without DDoS eventually the servers will start to crap out because the code is garbage... kinda like a PC memory leak, it still runs and works till you hit X amount of hours or so. So it's like a old car working when it wants to but when you DDoS it AKA Slam the throttle and Hold it there it's just causing more problems or accelerating them. this is why we have restarts to keep it as "clean/new slate" kinda condition. the restart is like the Reset of the "engine".
  2. Yeah.. pretty much G1 was running out of options and swapped to cheaper isp's and servers along some line..
  3. kid got banned at a certain point and went all out. It's a mix of DDoS and years of shit server and net code.... Lots of years of neglect. Also, the servers direct ips were given out to try and help G1 figure it out which was a bad idea....
  4. all of this is really good... i honestly wouldn't even know what to add/remove.
  5. Dmr av for the sound and range. Stac 10 because it looks pretty and does what it does. Aces smg/rifle vector is bae. Strife for LuL cqc. Kinda hard to have a favorite when you just use everything.
  6. Awesome! i was about to post about it. Just to confirm it... YEP there is def something wrong with hitreg.
  7. So far so good on jericho, No warps. Is there anything else we can do to test it further or give more information to the devs? like /latencytest, Logs or something?
  8. The attacks are working like this, they hit one server and bring it down causing mitigation to turn on. Then they go to the other server and do the same thing and when mitigation is turned off on the 1st server they double back and hit it again. Thats been whats happening here between Jericho and Citadel. Mitigation is off on Jericho which means another attack is prob guna happen sometime soon so enjoy it while u can. .... The DDoS continues for hours even after mitigation is on. It's not like they just want mitigation on 24/7. They usually attack after hearing news or some big streamer hosts a APB streamer. If we had mitigation off the entire time then the servers would be down for hours, as in it keeps crashing over and over and will never be able to play. Also, the patch for "networking" seems to be working for citadel so.... yea... we shall see tomorrow.
  9. Just to put this into simple words so everyone understands, Mitigation is to alleviate the DDoS but keep the servers up. If they were to turn mitigation off there would be no servers to play on at all. TL:DR Mitigation = Yes it warps and lags but at least the servers are still up.
  10. Heads up Jericho is also having a stroke too. Best of luck.
  11. 3rd party can trigger battleEye and ban players randomly. That's why the maker of advanced launcher gave his code out to them so they could approve it.
  12. I hope it brings all the advance launcher options to the game. Also, all the advanced launcher does is ini edits... Crosshairs are shader edits.. two different things.
  13. Exactly. It's sorry that some people are so out of touch with reality and delusional.
  14. It's just people wanting something to cry about. A whole situation that was literally nothing was taken the way as if the world was going to end. One grabbed a pitch fork and more followed.
  15. Just a heads up Jericho just crashed 7PM EST, just got booted out of social
  16. i mean sure 85% damage but it's fire rate is dodo, even switching guns would be slower and you would get out TTK'd by a OCA
  17. Yay, it's finally Q1 2014! Thanks Matt for all the info.
  18. when the CEO Complements peoples shitposting and banter
  19. It is true it's what G1 did to milk it out for a bit. LO did more communication in a few weeks then G1 did in two years. But I could imagine just looking at the forums and a big sigh comes out. Pretty sure LO has dealt with crazy community's as this one so a bit of silence would not hurt.
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