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  1. In that case, he should have mentioned it in their roadmap. not sure though.
  2. Hi, i don't know if this thread has been discussed before or not. Please add this to the road map, weapons are not balanced. we have seen it there, for example PMG ! dat OP range.
  3. Please, why do you want to use it? whats the point? it is fine to not see the point when you are jumping, because it brings fun (in my mind)
  4. ummmm, It kinda brings challenge for player. From another POV when you look at it, well this might not be right, i mean differing players based on their skills is totally not good.
  5. please add this to mine : "Cinematic's Artist"
  6. Didn't get why you pointed to your "I am here longer". any way, in that case you might be right. I personally am agree with your Point Of View to this, i don't like to feel "nothing has changed" anymore.
  7. why? do you want to apb being ruined again? is that it? leaving apb for cheaters to crowl everywhere and do nothing?
  8. those 10M$ guns and 750k$ mods Must have to get banned for scamming.
  9. Thanks matt. very nice to see apb is alive and is getting better day by day.
  10. Really great and sticky topic for me, Love the variety here, specially for an artist like me. here is mine, a well piece of art from Life is strange title. 8/10 :
  11. I think it was used for developers as a sign, who has passed the level is actually meant to mean something for them, maybe.
  12. i don't think this game is supposed to support extended displays.
  13. Just look at those tons of cheaters that hasn't been banned until now. they have weapons, moneys and cars. actually its a joke to remove their guns, how much could you collect with cheating for playing 1 year?
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