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  1. it looks that their server only response to whom are having better connections maybe, priority first.
  2. i see. sorry. i shouldn't have started to talk about it at all.
  3. team up to do something maybe. there are companies being appreciative to their fan art teams. by something i mean it could be doing mods, doing new levels or even game design. especially that you have a team tag, they hear you well.
  4. but i think you should team up. that was my point. there are succeeded examples of doing so.
  5. why would you do all these stuff ? isn't it waist of time ? if all active members on this page would team up together im sure you could do something big.
  6. PC-Citadel is still not responding to my connection requests.
  7. this is not my case. when i exit razer synaps and restart the game it fades away.
  8. Hello, today i re installed the apb on my laptop. When i am in districts for 15 seconds or so, the battleeye kicks me it says : i have a razer deathadder elite mouse, using some of the hotkeys available on the razer synaps program. a picture from it : i tried to exit the synaps but it keeps kicking me again and again. is there anything to do ?
  9. nice. very clean high poly mesh, but i would just do it with normal map. i mean there should be a middle poly mesh with normal. directly design your nmap with quixel ndo.
  10. why would you think so? if people are dead in the ocean, their body will be guided by the winds concurrency into the beach. in other thought, the sun clears the dead bodies pollution. so there is nothing to worry about.
  11. wow, excellent idea. i think they should do it.
  12. the question is, does any body ever get ban or got banned after BE patch?
  13. we have pple here to just dislike truth. ok have fun with your "dislikes" every time!
  14. who said they should buff Shotguns ? who said they should change IR effectiveness ? now everyone is having shotguns, is this a troll from the company? are you even thinking about your future ? please revert the changes of shotguns and IR to the previous patch!
  15. @Lixil please ... there is a bug in the forum, i could not edit or post. i created a new thread to make sure. the bug is still there : i thought i was banned for a day, but no, these guys try to make fun of this.
  16. according to this : "Hey! We figured we’d take this time to show off the more creative side of this community. And help those who want to do their own Renders too. Thread will provide tutorials and links to programs we use in said tutorials. Resources for materials, skeleton and other bunch of stuff that will help you. And finished works for people who’ve created albums of their stuff they’ve made for people so you can see their progress as well." i don't want and mean to just post renders as i said above. i don't use blender, i don't need those libraries or materials.
  17. ....... how else could you make a thread or even log on for that matter? you are looking for trouble. stay away from me.
  18. what the fuck was those videos ? i hope things not get complicated in future.
  19. Still better to post a thread over in creations. i dont understand what you are talking about. can you tell me exactly?
  20. the reason i do not use opened topics, is that i have my own stuff, texturing, modeling, producing cinematic's and environment concepts are not just render in 3D or 2D.
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