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  1. Hi all members of the community. here i created a topic, about posting your art and fan art that is inspired from the game. simply post your art here. as a beginner of this, here is what i created exactly from game, the mail and i am working on it for texturing:
  2. from 2011 i am there, i know a lot about the game and i hold officer of RUDE clan on my enforcer faction, and Parasite on my Criminal faction. i played over 1200 hours i think only on persiantiger. i know what is going on when some one is targeting/aiming, in fact i am a game developer too. i know a lot about games and the mechanics of the game engines. so
  3. You make it sound like there are cheaters in most missions you play. I can guarantee this is not the case. no its not the case,last time i played in waterfront, it was like every 2 missions, i played 6 missions and i raged on last 1. i dont even try the bronze. only silver districts. try baylan you will get as much as you like. triggerbots are the most cases i ever seen in apb.
  4. How can you justify a statement like that? My guess is that you will proceed to give anecdotal evidence instead of concrete facts. Prove me wrong. its been a while, i dont know how much you have been in game lately, but this has made me not to go missions anymore until i really like to try apb later. i cant play against them. i dont want to play and rage, i dont have to.
  5. ??? you told us it is against TOS just up there : who needs to make up his mind? paradox going on here?
  6. when you say "we've seen multiple people get kicked" how do you know it was for AHK? can you explain ?
  7. "cheaters in APB post BattlEye are negligible." they are getting more and more. LO should tell people how is the situation going on. if it is no name no shame, there should be a stat, at least.
  8. i have an issue with posting, some one gotta help me.
  9. i cant reply to my posts and cant add any reactions, why ? i am banned ?
  10. what do you mean ? all i can see is a start new topic. you get what i mean ?
  11. what can i say? i think the numbers of fuck ups are too much. at least for all players counting totally.
  12. btw, if the matchmaking could be better, these issues are automatically resolved. match only best players against best players, if they not get opponent, then they must change their district and try again. match only and only good players against good players, if not works, try to change district. match medium players against only and only medium players or under medium level players.
  13. hey, i am not sure who is the boss at the forums, but if you could add a new topic for fan artist's of the apb at the front page, could be great, ummkay ?
  14. this comment you posted today, just make me think that why you refer to this old thread. clearly today we have silvers that are better than some golds. i mean they not cheat, they are so close to be gold or they were gold and lost a few missions against good or closet golds. they understand who is cheating or who is playing legit.
  15. some one posted this in other chat around : "" Coming from the guy who says in the thread about the russian moron on twitch that evidence is shitty. Yep, very shitty, few clips and it's obvious - shaders + crosshair - triggerbot -no recoil on other weapons - aimbot If you genuinely think that evidence is shitty then I doubt you are qualified to make statements such "there are no cheaters on EU" But hey, I don't mind if you do. "" i don't see why people ignore these reactions.
  16. can you shoot with instant firing (holding LMB not tapfire) within 50 meters with having these mods on your ntec ? IR3 - HS3 i tried to do without using IR3, i could do it hardly. Bloom that adds to the weapon is so much to control. lemme find it
  17. almost a good topic, there are surely ppl around that they hold cheats and they backdoor the anti-cheating. there are tons of ppl streaming, they fire with ntec without having recoil. and they keep doing it. just search apb reloaded in the twitch and watch guys out there playing with cheese cakes ..
  18. it is right, a week ago i and my friend were playing in financial district, we ran into a place, we had terrible lags. we moved with cars to another side about 300 meters away from there, the lag been gone. both of us were on team speak. we had the exact same amount of lags, we checked and asked other players in district, they did not have the same problem. the server latency was fine and we did not have packet loss. this became clear when we again had to return to the same location for another objective, the lag was back. its up to you, its like you are breathing and saying there is no air, i cant see it.
  19. I have yet to see anyone super obvious since the release of BE.. So I am not sure that we see the same. stop talking about your sense of detection of the cheaters. well said!
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