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  1. There are couple of closets guys out there rushing players with cheese cakes. no names, no banned players names, no stats of how many cheaters got banned makes them think they won't get banned anyway. that's good. i tried to use the support, i assure you it works but it takes a while to get your ticket reviewed :D. that's the issue with the support atm.
  2. i think it should be 2 minutes at least, because there might be some case's that the backup is called at 1.51 (min). so what's the point ?
  3. I am totally agreed. other thing that they can do, is if the team lose, the negative points of that match is going to be affect the team leader only.
  4. ^ I think your ban case is different from the post. it means if you get banned after battleeye patch, you wont be unbanned as a wave of unbanning. thats different. +1
  5. nah, i think it will help more because there are weapons to trade, always..
  6. qs is worse than pmg or ntec in my belief. edit : ntec is just fine.
  7. ah ok, its up to you. just wanted to help.
  8. well. your kindness, but if you could check it with the advanced launcher, it would be better. and why dont you post a picture of it ?
  9. it seems you just uncheck dynamic lightmaps/lights in the advanced launcher. just check it and everything should look ok again. if not check your brightness in the video settings.
  10. i had a match against Alwezz and he says doesnt works.
  11. Cool! 1 hour is nothing for a week. thanks for the hardwork there.
  12. thanks. this helps me alot. yah, i checked that. lets see if we could take the ceo"s attention to this topic about apb. exactly.
  13. i asked in the forum because i was in contact with a gm in the game asking exactly this question and he/she told me to do so. about being unprofessional, i have nothing to say. posting in a forum proves nothing, i believe in resume. about a job, i already have a job in a studio. you might ask me, "why do you want to work for littleorbit stupid?" then my answer will be this: i cant attend at the littleorbit, i just asked for a remote working. next question : why me? why should i answer to you? this means i am freelancer artist. if you know what i am talking about. i already linked my portfolio there, no need to spoil my works around here.
  14. true, but i keep my hot things only for resume.
  15. nah, no topic about my works here. only contact with moderators for resume.
  16. this is really cool, any plans to do this ?
  17. that brain though you've got some brain..
  18. Hello, is there any chance for applying to join the crew at the little orbit as a remote opportunity ? I mean there might be people around that have the desire to help the development/Art team ?
  19. then i must be blind, excuse me
  20. I actually red the roadmap 2wice. Looks like they have added it later not sure. thanks anyway.
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