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  1. It's not like APB is your whole life to give a damn about quitting it so much. Unless... In which case I can only sympathize.
  2. APB is losing players because there's no new version of Regoated. /s
  3. Look at it this way - the game believes you're good enough to handle that opposition. Which means, APB matchmaking system thinks you're really good. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  4. OP, I believe you should make a Twitter account and post everything there. I know most of the people like you do that.
  5. Unfortunately, due to the very competitive nature of APB, there will always be cheaters. Why else do you think CS:GO is full of them?
  6. So, I want to make it clear. On Nekrova I have a character named SouthParkMGT. On Citadel I also have a character named SouthParkMGT. Both are on the same account. Do I have to rename a Nekrova or Citadel character?
  7. Now that you mention it - usually those who lie about not hacking also tend to have grammar and punctuation problems.
  8. You should stop listening to Intel fanboys. Ryzens are actually very conservative when it comes to temps.
  9. I just had to reinstall APB for this. Looking forward to the final result.
  10. I'm all for implementing more security to combat cheaters, but only when they are actually going to work properly. If they won't, they'll only become an incentive for scriptkiddies to bypass.
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