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  1. Don't be dumb Asu everyone knows we aren't allowed choice and must follow our overlord LOs every command All praise our lord and senpai MattScooter
  2. I liked it honestly, was like in COD where you'd yoink that one enemies gun once he died cuz it was kewl and you wanted to use it. And would stop the nonsense of "THIS GAME IS P2W THATS A P2W GUN :babyrage:" since you can just pickup their "p2w" gun. TL:DR kill guy with op gun, pickup op gun, have fun?
  3. Just fill a second district, I like to fuck around a bit after a mission to blow off steam and would not appreciate being booted thx EDIT: by blow off steam I meant drive around for 5mins contemplating if I wanted to do another mission or not after being pounded sheesh
  4. Why didn't you release a code for PC, then do what your doing for console? or is that 2 complicated and you where worried somehow it would trigger for PC players then they would get 4 weeks in total
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_mDTLphIVY
  6. mfw dosen't get the sarcasm, I was making fun of the OP lmao
  7. grr my inferior console isn't getting updates and the servers are down and I have nothing else to do with my life other than APB ima whinge and complain on the forums grrr
  8. Heck yeah lets gooooo!!! *EDIT* Theres a spelling mistake btw
  9. You make a great point where are they... the amount of times i've had to deal with these people doing this because they dont have anything better to do kinda makes me not want to bother..
  10. Can I have max Rank on OTW Char Name: ItzKeppe
  11. 32 AU/NZ Players tyvm. We've grown by 2 in 3 years.
  12. Leme just... https://imgur.com/a/X1Mmawv
  13. HAN Is getting Migrated to Jericho, there are no server swaps. We are being COMBINED into Jericho.
  14. how else will we fail yukon + shotgun combo close range PepeHands
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