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  1. This would be hella helpful and would open up a whole world of possibilities and new design choices +1
  2. Haven't laughed so hard over a post in a while thx Poperon
  3. Been there before I know how you feel ;-;
  4. No you're a a dead server oooooo gottem
  5. I myself growing up with crappy internet over the years have grown use to terrible ping so i'm used to it but I can totally see where your coming from and other people hating 100-200+ms dont get me wrong I completely understand, But I would much rather have my crim migrated off of HAN and put onto Jericho because I have friends who are on Jericho and from having to make a Jericho char to continue playing I've met some pretty cool people also. It would be nice if they got the player base back in HAN and moved the server to fix peoples ping issues don't get me wrong i'm completely for that, But it would also be nice if they gave us the choice to stay or leave tho. Because I would much rather be in Jericho to be honest
  6. Leme just leave this here... Q: In the distant future will character server transfers be possible? A: Let’s give some context, character server transfers are problematic. They are problematic from a technology standpoint, what happens that I’ve seen when you transfer a character from server to server, is because the characters are so heavily customised there’s loads of opportunity for things to go wonky. For the character to literally come over looking different or some of the customization or some of the symbols be missing. It is a very very nuanced process so it’s not something we typically can just open up. Not yet. We’re going to work on that system. I’m a big believer in allowing as many people in the community to play together.I think that right now the community is very fragmented and certainly with respect to Han, that is a low population world server. We are absolutely looking at trying to help them, if only for the moment. I think Gamersfirst needs to take the bullet on mishandeling where those servers went and slowly killing that population. In the near future, now it’s not going to be the next thirty days, but hopefully in the near future we’re going to give all of the Han players the ability to migrate to Jericho and play with other players. The russian server is a bit of a challenge because there’s some unique things those players have so we have to balance that but I would love to see in the future an open sort of character transfer system, that maybe you can’t use it all the time or it has limits around it. But I would love to see players be able to congregate and have a great experience. It cannot be any fun playing on Han right now, where you’re playing the same 25, 26 people over and over and over.
  7. I found out if I type quick messages in under 5 seconds it triggers it
  8. The fact most people sunk real money into getting Legendaries that wouldn't be a good idea. And how would you like to lose something that you spent alot of money to get.
  9. The fact you spammed all caps in social district then Ree'd I dunnooo
  10. Or just right click APB in your steam library then click screenshots (if your using the steam version)
  11. I can still edit my posts that where made on Saturday
  12. What if this entire time the ddos attacks where from tiggs, her job in G1 was a coverup!
  13. Yeah I can't even load into social ;-;
  14. https://imgur.com/a/936Dr3U[/img] OOF
  15. Can we have an option to preview what our post will look like before posting it please
  16. That notification noise gives me PTSD...
  17. Hello fellow apb peeps
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