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  1. It will instantly kill the game, the reason of people playing is competitive sweatness of gunplay experience. Also Its already feels like a PvE game since they mix the threats, playing vs bronze or T rank are actual PvE experience to me, and thats not chill at all. thats boring.
  2. Thanks for sharing, AMD FSR would be handy for APB in terms of performance. Voted.
  3. Social district musicians are starving, do it fast please.
  4. Patient brothers, engine will solve our all problems, believe in LO.
  5. Zyswen

    Favorite Weapons

    +1 for this suggestion
  6. Not sure about account shared cash but JT definietly should be shared. And no, grind is not slow at all. Even if its slow, this is MMO Shooter in the end, everyone has same progress speed. But, it doesn't mean we should not get XP events. Events are nice.
  7. I believe in Matt Scott and LO, Make APB Great Again!
  8. Getting disconnected since yesterday.
  9. Zyswen

    fbw role progression

    It doesn't count in Baylan FC aswell, for pistol kill activities.
  10. Even everything is well made, lack of marketing will be issue in terms of player base, APB needs ads on steam front page as well as the youtube ads. Maybe even create twitch prime loot boxes to make game realized for new people, not only old veterans.
  11. Zyswen

    Pop shooting

    CSGO haven't got crouch penalty back in the days, this exact issue were working there and valve quickly responded this by slow down the crouch/standing. I agree with this suggestion, due to APB's problematic coding as LO says, looks not possible for live game. Maybe in the future?
  12. Thats good only if we had enough player base, at this point proper matchmaking is not possible in my opinion.
  13. Yeah, quick searched in youtube for Open Conflict and thats exactly what i wanted, waiting for hours to fill up silver waterfront annoy me so much. Hear us LO.
  14. Im suggesting threat requirement on districts needs to be gone, so people who trying to grind ranks doesn't have to dethreat to go bronze districts. It will be problematic in terms of matchmaker balance but this is APB for now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Since game having low popilation, its hardly to progress rank. For example; when u complete all the financial contacts and have to go for waterfront but there is no players.
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