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  1. There's two blatant cheaters on NA who live stream cheating. Sending LO clips from their stream is pointless. They don't get banned. Besides, their GMs think mouse wheel = macros. I'm not making that up, they said it in game. These are the people investigating reports. No wonder Matt's the only one working on the engine upgrade. https://imgur.com/a/B7Nax9s
  2. This last maintenance really messed up US West servers. There's more latency than usual. In game shows 80ms, but the /latencytest shows it always over 100ms on the district. The issue is between the district server and the datacenter's gateway. If any of you have an unstable connection to NA west, it's not your internet connection. It's APB's server provider. Here's some tracerts from the /latencytest on NA West. Notice how the DISTRICT_SERVER latency is significantly higher than the last hop. The last hop keeps changing as well. Is this part of the DDoS protection? If so it's causing problems. I removed the first two hops for privacy reasons. Both are under 10ms Time,Entry type,Hop,IP Address,Latency,Status,Message
  3. PR1: - 1.0 max bloom. - 4.0 bloom per shot. - 1.2 bloom recovery between shots PR2: - 1.7 max bloom. - 4.0 bloom per shot. - Max rate of fire: 0.864 bloom recovery between shots - PR1 rate of fire: 1.2 bloom recovery between shots You have 0.5 additional bloom between shots if fired at the same rate, more if shot faster. It's fine if all you're using it for is shooting pioneers at max range. For players and smaller cars I rather have the PR1.
  4. Running Tracert to the address APB connects to shows the connection is fine. In game /latencytest shows issues between the last hop and the district IP address. DSLReport A+ for buffer bloat and ping. Other games don't have issues. Its within the server provider's network or the district servers themselves. There were similar issues with G1's anti ddos protection. Could still be it if LO is using the same service.
  5. All this maintenance and yet you still haven't fixed the bad routing on your side since the first server move.
  6. The STAR needs mods to do what the N-TEC can do without mods. When you finally unlock the slotted STARs, you've also unlocked the slotted N-TECs. Unlocking a STAR 1 or 2 slot before the N-TECs would help balance things early game.
  7. I'm permanent gold so I don't have the same perspective, but I don't see how threat segregation fixed the toxicity. You had dethreaters intentionally play in bronze to stomp on easy opp. In silver districts, most missions had dethreaters. For me, removal of threat segregation has filtered out a lot of those a-holes. Sadly though you've probably been on other side of my crosshair for too many missions.
  8. Dance Dance Revolution. There's many releases across PC and most consoles.
  9. The PR2 is a downgrade. It has more bloom after the first shot than the PR1, If anything it should be cheaper.
  10. Just wear it. If someone finds it offensive it's their fault for playing. Are there even any WW2 vets alive, let alone ones that play APB?
  11. To counter both of your arguments. The Scout (N-HVR 243) is near pinpoint accurate without mods. It has 100% accuracy with any level of Hunting Sight. It has 90M of max damage range. Suppressed versions are 83M. I think the issue is only a few version of the N-HVR 243 have hunting sight or have an open slot to put hunting sight on. They should add an open slot to versions that don't have hunting sight. This would make the weapon more versatile between players. Those who want 100% accuracy will using Hunting Sight. Those who don't need it can use a better fitting mod like Cooling Jacket.
  12. Stop pressing K. They can't shoot you if they're not opposition.
  13. Due to server lag it makes the HVR deal 23 damage even when the crosshair is fully closed. That shotgun change was stupid af. If they wanted them to deal closer to their max damage, tighten the spread and increase the minimum damage range for less drastic damage dropoff.
  14. Have you tried stepping away from your burning vehicle?
  15. I remember Little Orbit adding the trade system. That alone put LO ahead of G1. Seeing all the weird bugs pop up when a new feature gets added, I understand why LO don't want to make too many changes. I still don't get the weapon balance changes. They're too drastic. I guess due to the lack of in game experience they're not able to make rational changes. It doesn't help that the majority of players are below gold threat. They have a lot of data that doesn't show the weapons real potential, like when G1 compared average ttk and added the stupid bloom curve to the N-TEC.
  16. Another issue with the matchmaking is groups can disable alliance for open missions. This splits players into multiple 2v2/3v3 instead of mixing and matching. Gold threat doesn't mean anything. You can be a new player with a couple of lucky wins and get gold. That won't fix anything. Matchmaking doesn't use the color system. It uses a hidden value that your color is based on. Adding another color won't change that.
  17. Lets remove it, then we watch as players vehicles get stuck in each other when the mission ends.
  18. That makes me wonder. Does APB have limited login attempts? If not it could be people brute forcing passwords.
  19. The majority of the SPCT are silver/bronze players. There's one who may have cheated years ago, but their skill level is so low they can't tell the difference between cheaters and average golds.
  20. Call me Blat Man because I've been gold since 2011. In fact, lets change it.
  21. Don't worry Meaty. One day you'll be a real gold.
  22. I can't confirm if it's allowed, but I have used NinjaRipper recently without issues. The latest version of NinjaRipper does not work. You need version 1.5 or older. These can be found through Archive.org. All the old mediafire links listed in Archive.org should still work. If not, I can upload them if need be. Here's the links from Archive.org https://web.archive.org/web/20150216014041/https://cgig.ru/ninjaripper/ 1.1.5: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vo623opawbv0ta3/ninjaripper1.1.5.zip 1.2.7b: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dfv1lbtgko2eejg/ninjaripper1.2.7b.7z 1.3.1b: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1u197fs5zaxeazq/ninjaripper1.3.1b.7z 1.5.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6q7lk1zmglys88v/ninjaripper1.5.0.7z 1.5.2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zkbcm0r2r3tbmxc/ninjaripper1.5.2.7z
  23. A rapid fire macro can fix ghost shots if you tap fire semi-auto weapons. It sends multiple clicks so if you ghost shot, the next few rapid shots will fire the real shot. Rather than banning macros, they need to reduce the need for them. The servers need to run at a stable tickrate, and there needs to be action queuing for shooting. It only needs to be 10ms or so, just enough to fix the desync between client and server. These anticheat companies block you from playing if you have a Bloody mouse, but they allow every other gaming mouse with hardware level macro support. I don't want them blocking any mice, because it's stupid easy to get around with a custom driver. They're only blocking legit players who won't use such a workaround.
  24. Tagger is stupid OP. Change it to display when your nametag is displayed. Then it functions as a call out rather than a wallhack.
  25. For competitive gameplay, I would limit your fps to 121. This will prevent the character sliding bug. When APB drops to 50fps, it's not a smooth 50. It's more like 50 frames, freeze, 50, freeze, etc. It also happens when the garbage collection kicks in. Limiting your fps won't fix that. MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, and many other branded software is built on Rivatuner. You won't get banned using it. It's used by a lot of content creators to add overlays in games.
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