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  1. can confirm, i have both. i believe it was one of the xmas events but cant remember 2014 FAR 'Vanguard' - Deck the Halls 2014 : Earned by gaining 50k score in the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event FAR 'Charger' - Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2014 : Grab weapons from Secret Santa Gift Boxes and kill others 2015 'Elf Hat and Ears' - Deck the Halls 2015 Raptor 'Hawk' - Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2015 Afterwards, in 2016 and 2017, both were re-offered the same way; however did not have an associated Steam Achievement. Due to this change, both the 2014 and 2015 achievements are unachievable in Steam for new players (which they could resolve... @Majiik)
  2. I know I'll pay out of my own pocket, and while I don't expect the number to be that high... I did say I'd do it. I'm open to working with them to make this possible in anyway, so I'm not against this idea as it could possibly encourage a higher ratio. Plus, since I really do want to do this, I'll consider the ratio option with respects to them. We'll see!
  3. Agreed, which is why the post was updated to any charity of the community's choosing. My defaults are Extra-Life and St. Jude. Obviously not the APB community, have you seen District Chat?! Kidding (we aren't so bad)...these are a pretty good articles regarding "raising awareness": http://cancerliving.today/cancer-awareness/why-to-raise-cancer-awareness/ https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/04/what-good-is-raising-awareness/391002/ https://themighty.com/2016/06/why-awareness-is-important-for-people-with-diseases/ http://www.theherald-news.com/2016/10/02/why-creating-a-culture-of-cancer-awareness-matters/aakivaz/ tl;dr - Not everyone knows what's going on the the world until it affects them.
  4. I'm open to any researches or charities, thus why the community can decide. If anything, Extra Life/St. Jude are usually my go-to.
  5. I'll make this an event thread if the big bosses actually approve. I mentioned here that Pink Guns should be re-purposed beyond a "Valentine's Day" thing only to something a bit more charitable. I suggested Pink Gun profits go to fighting Breast Cancer and make them obtainable in February and October. I'm expressing my full commitment to this idea and want to start it off with proof. If @Lixil can find out how many kills I have with my Pink Guns to this day, I'll donate a generous ratio ($1 per 1 Kill) to a legitimate charity of the community's choosing. As discussed in this thread: "I'm open to any researches or charities, thus why the community can decide. If anything, Extra Life and St. Jude are usually my go-to." If that's not possible: I'm challenging Little Orbit to figure how to and start counting my kills in October...and I'll still do it. If it is possible: I'll donate as soon as I get the number AND start counting in October as well - with hopes that the FAR gets a Pink variant, in honor. As an added incentive: All playtime I can commit to in October will be streamed - I'm scheduling as much time as I can already in advance All Pink Gun kills will have a 1:1 Ratio - Which is why I want to add a FAR--my favorite, less want to switch Any donations will be put toward the charity - As always. If it goes well...pencil me in for February! - Always a special month... I love pink. If they agree and I can get some support, then it is settled. You have my word. Fight Cancer. P2W = Pink-2-Win.
  6. Pink guns are OP and need to be removed from this game, literally P2W because we can only obtain them during February. In that case...I really suggest Pink Gun profits go to fighting Breast Cancer and make them obtainable in February and October. Hopefully, to push this to be a thing...if @Lixil can find out how many kills I have with my Pink Guns to this day, I'll donate a generous ratio (1:1) to a legitimate Breast Cancer charity of the community's choosing. If that's not possible, figure how to and start counting my kills in October...and I'll still do it. If it is possible, start counting in October as well (and give the FAR a Pink variant) Edit: Open to any charity picked by the community: Fight Cancer. P2W = Pink-2-Win.
  7. I prefer the Pink Gun business model that happens in February and should happen in October to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. Edit: Open to any charity of the community's choosing:
  8. Good stuff, was itching for some premium to finish up some things. I'd buy clothing...but most clothing isn't account bound. One can dream...
  9. While July 4th is most notably a US holiday (and US patriotism is seemingly obnoxious outside the US), I always hoped for events tied to July. This is because even outside the USA, there are a lot of "memorial/patriotic" national holidays tied to July for other countries. Could be as simple as a Firework only Fight Club event.
  10. AFAIK, they are disabled on console versions as well--and I hope PC is completely skipping that version of the "upgrade". Figure they would just have to make a conscious decision to check it on for PC (or even Xbox One X).
  11. Can't find a suggestion thread on this even though it has been discussed numerous times on threads. Seems obvious. Reasoning: All cosmetics should have account bound purchase options. Mostly affects untradable Clothing and Vehicles Yes, Vehicle Kits potentially can be used on cars available in game, thus tradable in the in-game marketplace (or sent via mail)...but not all Vehicle Kits can be used that way. All ARMAs clothing cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace, even those which used to be in-game (ex. Double Gun Holster Back) All ARMAs exclusive vehicles cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace (many customizable ones have in-game purchase options anyway). There is an option to Account Bound upgrade Weapons...but not clothing or vehicles. You can get Account Bound Weapon skins (packs and individually)...but not clothing or vehicles. There are already a few big bundles that clearly make this possible...but there are so many bundles that don't have this option. Pros: More reason to buy character slots. Justified prices for those individual items that are not 99G1C. Easier than debundling everything. Cons: Only a con if you don't have multiple character slots and just don't understand how bad people want virtual, pixelated, legwarmers without spending a fortune. Only a con if you hate people are wasting money buying virtual goods to support a game with tones of customization.
  12. Aesthetically pleasing sounds and even looks (depends on user) can give a placebo effect. You are at your best when you feel the most comfortable. Mute all the sounds, video compare, or even if someone was able to potato the weapon model completely...they are the exact same.
  13. This is a popular suggestion re-created from the old forums dating back to 2012. I have stated this a few times within threads and truly believe it cannot even be argued: Permanent 3-Slot Weapons should be available for purchase from contacts if a player completes the respective role. [Notes]: These weapons won't be free, of course, it will *definitely cost more* than the current 10-day lease for the 3-slot weapon type. The option to lease a 10-day 3-slot weapon will still be offered. These weapons cannot be traded. This will still let G1 sell Permanent/30-day leases to those who don't want to spend time leveling the respective role to get the 3-slot option (like it is currently). This will still let G1 sell skinned variants of the weapons. This will still let G1 sell variants of the same weapons but with modifications that are altered or not normally allowed together (ex Tagger Modification with Three-Point Sling). This will further prove that the game isn't P2W to those skeptical about the game and want something to blame. This will give people a reason to further max roles instead of stopping because there is really no gain. If anyone else has any thing else beneficial to add, please do and I'll edit this post. If anyone has objections, I hope you can formulate a decent argument. Additional Comments (not in original 2012 post, but discussed): Original suggestion was when Weapon Roles capped at 15 and Contact Rank capped at 195. Weapon Roles were increased by 1 to award players the Chrome skin. Could increase the number of ranks in role past the current Rank 16 for each weapon in the category, keeping continual progression. Rank 16 currently grants the Chrome Skin; Ranks afterward can give permanent unlock option for each (ex. Rank 17 = 3-slot Permanent STAR, Rank 18 = 3-slot Permanent N-TEC, etc.). Higher ranks can introduce options for the newer weapons (ex. ATAC, FAR, COBR-A, etc.) APB$ Money Sink (for rich players) and additional reason to use the Marketplace, Ram-Raid, and/or play the game...
  14. It's one of my favorite weapons to fallback on because its balance is aligned perfectly between the spotless STAR and the always controversial N-TEC. No one knows what to do with it because they: Don't understand the perfect balance the STAR provides. Really need the forgiving nature that the N-TEC provides against everything - aka the sweaty meta. Outside unlocking it during the annual Christmas Event or getting a Permanent version on ARMAs, it's not in the Joker Store or available via contact progression. Think of it this way: It's right between a STAR and an N-TEC. Or...If those two had a baby, it will be the FAR. It might beat the STAR in close quarters. It might beat the N-TEC at mid-range. Its sweet spot is right in the middle of close-to-middle range (10m-40m). It's not super blessed by RNG like the STAR close. It's not super forgiving and hand-holding like the N-TEC at range. It can compete at high-skill levels. While getting beat by a STAR can embarrass players (no one respects it's perfection) and getting beat by an N-TEC will mostly likely cause you to die of boredom...getting beat by a FAR will make you go "I clearly got outplayed, well done." Much like the STAR, you don't actually need mods in it. Mag Pull 3 and Three-Point Sling 3 are safe options all around - Plenty of ammo to secure 2-3 kills in it's ideal range, increased equip time has no downside. Cooling Jacket 3 - If you want a little more edge in close quarters. I'd recommend getting used to stock FAR first, so you know what to expect when you spray and not. Hunting Sight 1 - If you want a little more edge to mid-range. Mobility Sling - Does hurt the equip time, but makes Marksmanship Strafing way easier (if that's your playstyle) There is really no benefit in: ...going beyond Hunting Sight 1 - FAR already has a tight bloom. 2 and 3 just leaves you vulnerable in close-range. ...using Improved Rifling - Again, much like the STAR--it's not going to outperform compared to the N-TEC past mid-range and will just hurt your reticle bloom at all ranges. However, with the recent changes to Improved Rifling (IR), IR makes the gun more manageable for ranges at the expense of fire-rate. Not very beneficial in comparison, but not too bad either...Again, FAR really is right between the STAR and N-TEC. ...using Heavy Barrel - FAR doesn't do much damage per shot as is (so don't lower it further), FAR is naturally accurate in the close-to-mid range. Source: All my alts have been leveling Rifleman with the FAR (if not the STAR against newish players)--literal hundreds of hours with it. I don't think I've ever wanted to touch an N-TEC since like 2014/2015--when it was introduced and thanks to @gogol .
  15. Dogfish's Dogpound operates in EU. Indi's Dogpound operates in Han. indian3Indilurk BibleThump grr Bark bark
  16. LUST

    In game acc's

    Server Merge had issues that are still outstanding to this day, years later. So, unless LO are actually willing to resolve those...the last thing I'd want is them to mess with accounts directly. Just make character slots cheaper...and premium.
  17. STAR. Too balanced, too perfect, and the root cause of all these types of threads.
  18. Thanks, @Lixil. Much appreciated. I hope to see the remaining questions answered for the rest of the folks when you get better.
  19. Excuse me while I challenge this reply. This doesn't answer any questions previously asked or even acknowledge the fact that "having multiple game accounts pretty much equals to, nearly by default, multiple forum accounts". Seems like you are approaching this on a case-by-case basis on problematic or special users. Back to square one on trying to discuss a change, here we go... What is the point of merging accounts? What does it solve? Who thought of this? Why do this? At what point does this unpracticed/undiscussed "implementation" process impact game decision s? Where else is this even used or even later considered (for older locations)? Why not just completely separate the Forums from Game Accounts then (if they aren't already)? Merging data is never perfect, is there no consideration on the impact on game accounts? Is this case-by-case? @iodyne_ Will they be merged to the oldest account? Will posts and upvotes be merged? @NotZombieBiscuit If I can't log in to this account with the merged logins can't I just make another forum account with those previous logins, which defeats the entire purpose of merging forum accounts in the first place? What if there are suggested accounts that are not mine? Can you really base this off an honor system? @MrsHappyPenguin How are separate accounts detected? @Captain Teemo What point should we be concerned about our privacy? Isn't it easier to resolve the issue that may have caused this? Thanks
  20. Still waiting on the official word though, something like this is pretty unheard of... If this is just implemented the way we are perceiving it, then it's going to cause a lot of unnecessary mix up of accounts based on some wild theory-crafted "identification" method that no forum-based place uses. Merge forum accounts but not game accounts? Again: Having multiple game accounts pretty much equals to, nearly by default, multiple forum accounts. If you decide to mix up one of those sides, forcefully, you are asking for problems in the long run (especially if the identity key that they are going to use and then be based on isn't truly unique). I understand making changes, but they still need to be discussed and really thought out. While these are just the forums, at what point does this unpracticed/undiscussed "implementation" process impact game decisions--which exactly the path that ruined G1. @Lixil
  21. @Lixil- Care to explain the thought process on this (especially if this is forced)? In game, multiple accounts are not against the ToS (with the caution: if you break rules on one, all your accounts can get the hammer)--since coming to G1, this was told to us. Is this wild idea just to make sure the upcoming "Volunteer GMs" can't evade the rules they will have to agree to? You even said earlier that GMs have separate accounts themselves... On the forum rules, it states: Having multiple game accounts pretty much equals to, nearly by default, multiple forum accounts. Merging different accounts sounds ridiculous especially with those who share internet, VPN, or visit forums on free wifi/cell-service. I'm not saying there are not people who have multiple forum accounts with the sole purpose of violating those rules (which justice should be served)...but I rather not have random accounts merged with mine, lose this one, or some other stupid thing that usually happens with half-arsed merges. I have never heard of any forum-like service that merged accounts. Some people purposely separate their game account from their forum account...much like they should do on the internet. For example: If you are dumb enough to share one email to all services you use, you pretty much leave a single-point of entry to your internet life. tl;dr - What is the point of merging accounts? What does it solve? Who thought of this?
  22. Case-by-case makes sense, especially for veterans. I pretty much sound like a broken record regarding this, but the NA Server Merge was a mess. Not only did long-time veterans lose their main names, they lost it to low ranks and even to a mishandling of the situation by the support staff (ex. "reserved" names were being given out and even sold). From my own experience:
  23. Turn every district into open conflict while they gather data to better the system.
  24. Skyrim pretty much still is. APB's can abuse it's marketing potential to be very adaptive to many gaming trends. Just a matter of doing so.
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