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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone so I'll be hosting a 24hr+ Charity event, the stream will be taking place on Friday at 2PM EST. Raising money for the Australian Red Cross to help combat the brushfires and the displacement of people and animals over there. During the stream there will be giveaways at the kind help of LO giving codes to hand out. The stream link is https://twitch.tv/vicesohpz. The charity direct link is https://tiltify.com/@vicesohpz/supporting-aussies-worldwide/donate. Feel free to tune in if you'd like.
  2. I'll make this an event thread if the big bosses actually approve. I mentioned here that Pink Guns should be re-purposed beyond a "Valentine's Day" thing only to something a bit more charitable. I suggested Pink Gun profits go to fighting Breast Cancer and make them obtainable in February and October. I'm expressing my full commitment to this idea and want to start it off with proof. If @Lixil can find out how many kills I have with my Pink Guns to this day, I'll donate a generous ratio ($1 per 1 Kill) to a legitimate charity of the community's choosing. As discussed in this thread: "I'm open to any researches or charities, thus why the community can decide. If anything, Extra Life and St. Jude are usually my go-to." If that's not possible: I'm challenging Little Orbit to figure how to and start counting my kills in October...and I'll still do it. If it is possible: I'll donate as soon as I get the number AND start counting in October as well - with hopes that the FAR gets a Pink variant, in honor. As an added incentive: All playtime I can commit to in October will be streamed - I'm scheduling as much time as I can already in advance All Pink Gun kills will have a 1:1 Ratio - Which is why I want to add a FAR--my favorite, less want to switch Any donations will be put toward the charity - As always. If it goes well...pencil me in for February! - Always a special month... I love pink. If they agree and I can get some support, then it is settled. You have my word. Fight Cancer. P2W = Pink-2-Win.
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