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  1. I knew were bound to slow down? I have had unresolved issues for weeks and more issues that I haven't submitted a ticket to because the other ones never get answered. I submitted a ticket about not being able to get access to items I bought through the marketplace over a month ago and got no answer. Communication is great but if nothing gets done it's just lip service. I was really hopeful that you could resurrect APB but now I'm certain you can't. Thanks for trying I suppose.
  2. There's no cheaters left. Just gold guns and nade spam, same thing more or less.
  3. Can't join districts because of threat level. Can't play with friends because of threat level. Can't pick my character name because it contains bad words. Panicbutton contains a bad word but FuckMyAssPlzDady works... Can't get a support ticket answered. Can't get my Armas cars on new characters. You guys have had this steaming pile of crap for 3 months and I still can't log on and play with a friend.
  4. As a returning player who refused to buy gold guns, from a stance of personal pride, I have to say the gold gun business model is as dead as fried chicken. As a new/returning player I should be on the same playing field as every other player on the server. I shouldn't have to have certain mods or certain guns to make missions winnable. I'm not asking for you to get rid of mods or get rid of gold guns like the whisper, all I'm asking is make the stock guns less shit. Mods should have a 10/20/30% increase in certain stats. As it is now if you don't have certain weapons you can't compete. The forum fanbois will keep this game in the dumpster, stop listening to them.
  5. There's a tip on a loading screen that encourages you to taunt nearby players over VOIP. I've never seen a game encourage trash talk especially not by giving tips during loading screens.
  6. After reading the whole article I realize again how much work LO has to do and how long it's going to be before this game is in a playable state. Hopefully they don't get bogged down by the never ending stream of masochist fanboys on these forums. See you guys in a few months.
  7. I have been amazed the last few days on the forums of people who are still avidly playing this game and been opposed to some of my suggestions to wipe everything clean and start fresh. Why on earth anyone would stick with this game this long is beyond me. The never ending stream of cheaters was enough to make me and my friends quit years ago. He does bring up one very interesting point in that article though and it really needs to be addressed: They respawn, and as the fight goes on I’m subjected to a seemingly endless barrage of rockets and grenades.
  8. League has a system like that through some tribunal sh!t don't they? I thought it was pretty cool when I got that message.
  9. As a side note... I have a deep seething hatred for EA. That is all.
  10. So since you know the servers are on mitigation I'm assuming you read the plan to fix the lag sticky which means you are aware of the situation. They're working on it.
  11. I understand where you are coming from and I'm sure a long day of policing these forums could test anyone's patience but this kind of seems like we're being punished for toxic people being idiots. When there is no game to play, more people sh!t up the forums and unfortunately there is pretty much no APB Reloaded right now during this rebuilding phase while we wait on you guys to sort out the mess you bought. Hang tough, once you guys deliver on all the stuff you have planned the forums will cease to exist for most players.
  12. Tells company not to listen to us, gives multiple pieces of advice. Quality posting.
  13. It's not a matter of how you rationalize the 2 actions, it's a matter of the legality of the 2 actions. Punishable by law. Not punishable by law. You picking up what I'm putting down?
  14. So then we disagree about the manner in which this mass unbanning and APB Reloaded resurrection should be handled. Instead of taking the social justice warrior stance and being offended and irate and telling me to p!ss off, maybe calm down and realize it's possible for people to have a different viewpoint than you and not be talking hate speech. Snowflake.
  15. Wipe the whole server except for the things we paid money for IMO, this game has been dead for years so who gives a sh!t.
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