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Lets Buff and not Nerf

what do you think?(read the topic first)  

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  1. 1. what do you think?(read the topic first)

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On 1/14/2021 at 7:40 PM, Flaws said:

Good players enjoy fun guns that require skill to use at maximum potential. Silvers don't like good players. That is the only problem 😛

APB must've been a real outlier in skill distribution then, considering the number of N-Tec users.


Or the skill required to use the N-Tec at its fullest potential just wasn't that high. But the fullest potential was leaps and bounds better than that of other weapons.

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Well its kinda late to say this now.


It makes no sense trying to balance all the guns in APB and the amount which has been added over the years is silly.

APB is a shooter but not a competitive shooter.


We used to have a fun meta but now its pretty dull compared to what we had, BUT people asked for it and LO delivered.

There's a reason why I used to be so vocal about about not nerfing the n-tec but yeah xd.


I think its fun that people cried for n-tec nerfs for years but then complain that the pop is droppin when the most popular and most fun gun in the game is changed to something that feels boring.


It always seems like most people think they've got the answer for how the meta should be but in reality it's not really how it is.

We've been through a lot of changes over the years and I don't think it would be too hard for someone to pick and choose from it to return the fun.



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On 1/16/2021 at 5:11 PM, LooneyTooonz said:

I'm more concerned with bringing back P5/N5 killing sprees.  Game was dead to me when they took this away.  Me and my group haven't played since this was taken away.



Notoriety used to multiply your final mission earnings. G1 changed it so it only affects takeouts and ram raiding. There was no longer a meaningful reward for holding P5/N5. It was also bias towards Enforcers. Enforcers needed more kills per level, They could slightly lower it by running over civilians, and reset to 0 by killing other enforcers. Criminals were paid to kill other criminals, and for a while, displayed as friendlies towards to N5 player.


If removing Notoriety was not an option, I would have made the following changes to the existing system:

  • Both factions increase at the same rate.
  • Both factions have the same multiplier (1.5x N4, 2x N5).
  • Mission rewards are multiplied by the notoriety multiplier.
  • You cannot increase or decrease notoriety by paying off or killing civilians. Only mission tasks affect it.
  • All players except teammates/group members are enemies. All players get paid for killing the P5/N5 regardless of faction.
  • Do not show N5/P5 on map and radar during a mission.
  • Team killing does not lower it.


That said, I'm glad it's gone. This isn't a single player game where you rank up and get placed against harder ai, this is a multiplayer shooter. You shouldn't be gimped just because you play better. I'm not saying we should get perks for playing better either, that would be equally as stupid.

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