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  1. I play the game for fun, not rewards. If I'm not having fun why would I play ? And besides, what was more satisfying than hitting level 5 and going and shooting up Double B's or LeBoyce's. It was the funnest part of the game. Things can be left in the game that make it fun, you know the reason people play a game to begin with.
  2. I'm more concerned with bringing back P5/N5 killing sprees. Game was dead to me when they took this away. Me and my group haven't played since this was taken away.
  3. Can we get confirmation from someone that knows if the Christmas holiday pack will be on armas ? I'm like you, I have way to many characters to try to do this for. Don't have time to get all the stuff due to long work hours.
  4. Better than some guy with a shaw, euryl or medusa using kevlar 3. Why do you find this so problematic ?
  5. Are you actually playing right now? I am getting an error on my launcher and the game won't even attempt to load.
  6. Is Jericho still down ? Getting an error on my launcher. According to my Timetable Converter it is way past time for the server to be back up. Just want to make sure its not just me.
  7. I haven't been able to get into a district in almost 2 months now. I feel your pain.
  8. I haven't been able to connect to district for over a month now.....just times out after about 15 minutes.....I have been trying several times a week. Missed out on the free premium and everything. I'm a pretty good customer who has spent way to much money on this game for this to happen too. Just for the amount of money I have spent alone, you would think would warrant at least a human reply to my support ticket.
  9. I kinda feel bad for you, but I haven't been able to get into a district going on a month now. Totally missed my 2 weeks of free premium, and only received an automated reply to my support ticket. I just want to play APB.
  10. I've been trying to get in a server the last couple of hours to take advantage of my freemium. I can log in without any problems, but can't get past the loading screen when trying to get in a district (including social). I've tried repairing to no avail. Am I missing something here ? Anyone else having any issues ? I've had plenty of loading screens of death before, but reloading the game usually fixed the problem.
  11. The whole weapon balance patch needs to be reverted. I always thought I would play APB till the bitter end. I'm not so sure now. Marksman rifles are now garbage. Yukon is garbage. I'm sure other guns are now too, but couldn't bring myself to play any longer to find out. This is exactly what I was concerned about when they announced weapon changes. Game is no longer fun to me. I don't understand this patch at all and why they would take guns that were fun and make them terrible. 150 hours of ram raiding down the drain to buy my 3 yukons FML. At this point, the submachine gun sidearm from the contact is probably better than the Yukon. This makes no sense. A better idea would of just to have made the crappy guns better so there were more good guns to use instead of making them all worse.
  12. I've had an open ticket for going on about 8 months now. Logged on one day to find I was missing 10 spots in my garage. Still hasn't been adressed. I had to delete a bunch of my cars, just to have room to get cars put up on market.
  13. I can't believe it took you this long to chime in with your condescending answer. I still remember when you were a noob in this game, it wasn't that long ago. So yeah stay at the kiddy table please while the big people talk. Number one, this is something that has never been suggested so it goes on the NEW IDEA stack and not with the rest of the pile, Im not against changing the threat or matchmaking or whatever LO want to do, just want the game fixed. Just trying to get as many fresh ideas as possible out there. So even if LO decided to do something completely different that I'm suggesting, Maybe they might like 1 little thing I suggested and use it. Would that be so bad ? Maybe my solution isn't the best possible one, maybe it is. I do know its a million times better than what we have now, and better than just locking all the districts down. I wouldn't waste my time suggesting things that have already been tried and failed or something that has been suggested in the forums a 100 times already like others. Believe me the last thing I EVER want to do is to try to have a rational dialog with the APB community on the forums for no reason. Your response is a perfect example of that. I am not a glutton for punishment, I don't want attention, and I hate confrontation. Number 2, I'm close to 10 year vet of the game and have seen all the bad decisions that have been made in the past. You cannot say the same Number 3. I have about 10 years experience of running and administrating game servers. Doubt you can say the same. I knew people would argue with me, and I accepted that when I posted this. I really didn't expect such a rude, closed minded response from someone so active in the community though. lmao. Is this a serious response ? This is about growing the game and getting people that just installed the game to not uninstall it an hour later. Go away troll
  14. Then fine. The noobs still aren't getting stomped with explosives if they're turned off. If you suck you suck, I get that. Getting farmed with rockets and opgl's causes anger for new players, if you don't know that your not paying attention.
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