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  1. WTH how do you even suggest something like this stop listening to bad people on youtube, silly.
  2. Has that always been possible? damn only looked at the chat options once when we could change the colors.
  3. I don't see why you always believe the solution lies in balancing which consists of nerfs. Why not touch range on oscar/carbine? it would most likely spice things up a bit.
  4. Thats very vague which timming are you reffering to? Because the Guns do not allow you to sprint the same time as your Gun is ready to shoot.
  5. Didn't bother reading the thread, anyone who knows how the game works knew the new pellet system would be horrible.
  6. Mozie


    There is a suggestion section, remember that they're listening more than you'd think.
  7. pro tip: dont ask for stuff you dont want I can see a lot of progress but not in the direction I wanted, Everyone was praising LO cause they were about to do the balancing, now people act like they were against it all the way. Take responsibility for your actions, I didnt take action because I was sure there was atleast one sane player who would argue against the changes. There was none. Therefor I see this as my own fault and not LO's because I HAD THE CHANCE to speak up but I didn't. You had the chance too.
  8. Mozie


    Can you guys stop flooding social district with anything that aint relevant
  9. Well look, people asked for a lot of things, and a lot of things have been done. Why did you make them believe you wanted something you didn't want?
  10. ok, the people who are still playing this game are the ones that enjoyed the slower ttk. caseclosed.
  11. Did it really take you guys over 7 years to learn how the guns actually work? Did you guys not remember the backlash when they changed how guns work while jumping the first time? Remember bois, the number in the login screen is not your skilllevel its your hours played. I quit when they touched the n-tec the first time, everyone was using ir3/hs3 while crying about hb2 n-tecs. #eyeforneye #karma If you think jumpshootin is bad now you should've seen then ;);).
  12. There is a lot they could do to make it more noob friendly in the right way and I assume stuff like that will come after they get the engine working. edit: also suprised there aren't more advanced tutorials for combat n mechanics by players. don be shy
  13. Actually, they removed all the items they put up which were still listed in the clothing section. after my thread that is. Seems like it was unintended and now you'll only be able to grab em if you see them in the featured section. Might change when theyre done with the "debundling".