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  1. Well if the community wanted the engine upgrade then I don't want it, all the shit you've asked for over the years killed the /pop. As long as the updates will improve performance why would you be crying? ;);)
  2. Just remove it, I always shut it down when I start the game. Is what I wanna say but it was a cool feature for social district tbh.
  3. It doesnt work like that, Ive been trashtalkin people since cb and Ive never been banned xd.
  4. Well its kinda late to say this now. It makes no sense trying to balance all the guns in APB and the amount which has been added over the years is silly. APB is a shooter but not a competitive shooter. We used to have a fun meta but now its pretty dull compared to what we had, BUT people asked for it and LO delivered. There's a reason why I used to be so vocal about about not nerfing the n-tec but yeah xd. I think its fun that people cried for n-tec nerfs for years but then complain that the pop is droppin when the most popular and most fun gun in the game is changed to something that feels boring. It always seems like most people think they've got the answer for how the meta should be but in reality it's not really how it is. We've been through a lot of changes over the years and I don't think it would be too hard for someone to pick and choose from it to return the fun.
  5. Im pretty sure you want them to revert the n-tec nerfs, you just dont know it yet xd
  6. So the reason why people get spawncamped is because of the balance of teams, if one team is rollin over the other then just offer a bonus for joining the team gettin rolled. Its not like people dont play both sides.
  7. Most submissions will be old outfits and some will be new but joker themed xd
  8. I played scoped N-tec PR1 over the normal n-tec for 1-2 years. It felt very different when I jumped on to try riot, I think it might jumpshoot better than the normal n-tec but not sure since I only killed 3-4 civillians with it. If its true then its prob an oversight from some "recent" change, never seen anyone play PR1 only PR2.
  9. Id like to see a different key for picking up cash and guns, I tried to pick up cash many times and ended up with cash aswell as a new primary and secondary which I did not want. Maybe F for cash and E for pickin up guns?
  10. Im pretty sure there are a few with obt n cbt titles who weren't on at that time.
  11. If you played G1 cbt you have this title, if you only played RTW cbt you do not have this title.
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