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  1. You want more players? wait for the engine upgrade before you ask for more stuff.
  2. Could link me some thread with suggestions about the issue we're talking about and not suggestions about the game? If you guys haven't figured out how to get the cheaters out of FC then let me help you, change to their team sit infront of them until they tk you or get bored. or just tk them until they leave most of them dont have cheats for friendly fire.
  3. Because this thead is for Jericho no? ;);) Dated game sure but don't think thats something to worry bout. Didn't we have some new event recently? That's both an update and content. Plenty of games have less than 6000 players on a region specific server, not sure thats the problem really.
  4. I've seen none of if so please send me towards it or tell me because youre not really contributin to the so called discussion that's so needed according to people.
  5. Agreed, unless its tested and ready to go.
  6. So anyone got any reasons to why the NA server Jericho is "dying"? Suggestions to solve it?
  7. Always. Don't you think that will change with the engine upgrade? Not sure what your problem is, there is a Jericho thread and this thread is not specifically about pop.
  8. Huh? this thread was about Citadel, there are multiple threads about Jericho. The issues are different so I'm not sure what youre on about.
  9. Why? this thread is about citadel, make your own thread. I don't think people would agree if they looked at the pop.
  10. Lemme explain something to you all, no one knows what they want. We've been given a lot that we've asked for but in the end it's never what people want. Let's look at what we have and how we can improve it before we start adding stuff please. I do agree that something needs to be done about the people who set out to destroy the experience for new people.
  11. Well if thats the case then maybe we've found the reason for the ddos attacks? ;);)
  12. Different from APB? theyre using APB files. Pro tip never lease your game to other companies the files always leak when they shutdown.
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