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  1. The trends have def changed but that doesnt mean your preferences are any better than theirs, there are many unique character designs.
  2. I can't see a reason to add it when the gamemode works how it does lol.
  3. Well agreed with the current pop but I still dont think the reason is good enough to scrap the gamemode in place for another one before it even works properly, let them tweak the things they need like spawns. Im pretty sure turf wars have been promised and suggested for years, I don't think everyone share the same vision for turf wars? While I want to agree with you, I'd rather see 2 seprate queues but that would prob not work rn.
  4. Riot is in beta so yeah I do think it was a good idea...
  5. I think there are far more than 3 which looks good, its hard to make short hair work if the face ain't op.
  6. So let me get this straight you guys are upset this isn't a riot but a BR mode? Personally I thought the gamemode itself was fun the props, concept and design is very out of place This is however stuff that we could see change with feedback.
  7. Bribe the driver or kill the last enemies? not sure had to ask my team if we won or not ;);)
  8. So did no one understand this thread was an ad for his stream? This is even better than the billboard in social. To the people saying APB's community is 18+ it's just not true.
  9. I've been telling you guys since 2011, you don't know.
  10. So disregard what most people said, put down thousands of hours into the designer. I've worked on my char since 2011 ;);).
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