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  1. Most submissions will be old outfits and some will be new but joker themed xd
  2. I played scoped N-tec PR1 over the normal n-tec for 1-2 years. It felt very different when I jumped on to try riot, I think it might jumpshoot better than the normal n-tec but not sure since I only killed 3-4 civillians with it. If its true then its prob an oversight from some "recent" change, never seen anyone play PR1 only PR2.
  3. Id like to see a different key for picking up cash and guns, I tried to pick up cash many times and ended up with cash aswell as a new primary and secondary which I did not want. Maybe F for cash and E for pickin up guns?
  4. Im pretty sure there are a few with obt n cbt titles who weren't on at that time.
  5. If you played G1 cbt you have this title, if you only played RTW cbt you do not have this title.
  6. Best idea Ive seen in years on these forums.
  7. Because they actually play the game instead of complaining about other players on the forums.
  8. I used to play on high graphics and have around 25 fps. Im not sure if your computers are at the level where you dont feel APB or if you cant tell but people play on low settings for performance only. I dont even
  9. turn it off/delete it or something, gives me terrible input lag.
  10. So it usually seems like FC tends to have more solo players, to me it seems like being matched vs teams in riot is the biggest reason people give to why they dislike riot.
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