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  1. All you've done is state an opinion of yours, but you claim it as fact. You claim everyone's going after you, but it was all in your head. Now you DID draw attention to yourself, after all of this. I guess victim card mentality is a hell of a drug.
  2. When did I ever say others didn't share that opinion? Where is the relevance to anything that was just posted there? You're not even making sense yo. Go read my very first response to you. You claim I was "goading" you on lol. I was just stating a point, very non hostile yet you act as if I've personally attacked you because I called you out for half misjudging his perspective. You are right, he said good, but he also said bad. So address the whole point, not the part that "vindicates" you. I wasn't even talking in relation to most prior of that specific point.
  3. I haven't been talking here responding, but I was still reading. You're still hung up on me quoting you and saying that you misread what Respect said? Jeez man, this is what I meant by victim card. Everyone's "after" you, trying to "goad" you into things. Phew, that's a yikes from me dawg.
  4. Ok, I kinda knew what I was getting into when I started responding to posts by you of all people, but yeah you're really delusional. Must be fun living in your own world where you're always a victim. Don't bother continuing this conversation, you've proven my point already and your "rebuttal" was saying reading comprehension is MY issue. You're unaware of what that statement means I guess, because the only one who's proven they haven't read this conversation properly was YOU. Goodbye, keep playing victim. You want fun but you cry when things are fun like with the jumpshotting scout. Makes a lot of sense.
  5. Respect was being sarcastic with that comment to cookie. and If you didn't misread what he said, then you ignored it and singled out on the other part, because it didn't help your argument. You're also feeling targeted, maybe that's a you problem?
  6. Actually, he said it'd be both good and bad, or a double edged sword. People used to look at being a high level gold as an achievement, way before the current threat system. Now it really doesn't mean much. But since it also doesn't mean much now, it means less and would not truly matter that much to remove it. I'm not an expert on balancing, so I can't say I know what would happen, but at least read the man's message fully. You single in on one thing and ignore the next 2 words after.
  7. We would have had lots of people wanting to play more. I don't know the solution, I wish I did. I feel like seperating by rank might help, instead of by threat. I would need a better image of the issue at hand rn tho, that might be outdated. Also I mean highest rank on the acct. I still feel like people would exploit that and purposefully not level...
  8. If you're able to play without dethreating and getting performance issues, I see zero reason for others to dethreat even more so due to PC problems. If you're doing bad due to a bad pc, you'll dethreat naturally. The issue isn't that, it's the intentional. It causes griefing to actual new players in the bronze districts. They need a place to learn.
  9. You're talking on a thread to discuss a gun without knowing how to use properly in this situation. Those mods, 3ps3 and mob sling, aren't the same performance wise. I called you out, you didn't like it. You're useless to this discussion if you can't even see that, sorry. You're the one crying because I'm not letting you get away with it. Do you say bye each time you pretend to win an argument? Btw, you're calling me names, kinda hypocritical. Zero substance, zero ability to stay on topic, and zero ability to even insult someone properly. kek
  10. Nah, you just don't know what you're talking about. Still don't apparently. Enjoy never being able to argue properly because you don't even use consistent stats
  11. Because you can't refute anything I say, and don't know what you're talking about. That's why. Mob sling/3ps3 both play completely different bud, so no you didn't guarantee anything. You consider 20m medium range, lol. That's like medium range for an OCA, maybe. Not an Ntec, bud.
  12. Borus, you keep going on about that, to DEFLECT and STRAWMAN. I haven't been calling you that every post have I? This is what I meant about you not reading. You're trying to nitpick anything you can to attempt to have an "argument." This isn't debate anymore, it's your feelings being hurt because the truth hurts. Get over it and stop pretending that is what makes the Ntec "OP." Also, I wasn't PLAYING months ago. SOOOO kinda hard to test it myself if I'm not active. I come back to this travesty. Yeah, you can pick up the gun and fire it like any other weapon but I'll use any other weapon over it, because it does not FEEL good anymore. You're hilariously still stuck on the name calling card lol. I have brought discussion, and you ignored it every time. I didn't name call you every time, but you're claiming I am. Borus go read for once in your life. I haven't been name calling you for a long time now, lol. I've been calling you out on stuff, for lying. That's not name calling! But apparently it is to you because you're so blinded by rage at the sight of me going after you. Ping, you didn't even use the same things and are trying to make a "fair" comparison lol. Also 20m isn't medium to long range area. That's closer to 45m+.
  13. No, you're just really awkwardly selectively blind whenever I've made a point. Flaws and I showed great examples. You wanted us to first come to a Ntec based thread to debate this, you can't refute our points and you instead make inconsistent points/excuses for how it was "broken." Meanwhile, we HAVE shown how it was fine, but yeah you're just in your own lil world. It's ok, I know you're really bad at reading what we said and understanding anything. But honestly? I'm kind of tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. Again, you have a lot of faith in LO to know all about the game when vets have been playing for years and years, before they even came along. Get your head out of your anus and think for once in your life. Stop being silly. This argument will go nowhere because you refuse to acknowledge actual points/facts. Flaws and I have pointed stuff out on numerous occasions and you still haven't shown us jack to prove your points except falling back to "WELL LO SAID THIS SO MUST BE RIGHT." Yep, that's definitely how the world works.
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