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  1. Nostalgia thread, see a lot of good ol' names. if we go by clans, for me personally I'd say RAOV/RAOK. specific people alone its hard to remember all of them, but most notable standouts were Ticy, Taj, and ofc Lt.Surge the god of WF. I never could beat Lt.Surge in a grief battle.
  2. So I'm only going to nitpick one thing in this, but you're telling me the game is more enjoyable with the current gun balance, but then right away say you want pre-lo gun balance but with slight adjustments. Does that mean the game is more enjoyable in your opinion for others, but not yourself? Not sure what you meant exactly. I'm genuinely curious. Yes LO does listen, my issue is whom they listen to. The population issues have to do with a lack of content yes, not necessarily the gun changes. I'll agree there. Kinda hard to pump out content when they're focusing on an engine update. However, to address your last point about the population. It had that potential, I don't think it has it any longer. Though I do think the game could come back, but I don't think it will ever hit the true potential it once had. Lower skill level is an issue when it comes to game balance though? It has nothing to do with being selfish. I don't want casual players/social warriors to have influence on gunplay. If anyone is going to help balance, it should be people that actually play it on a higher level, who have a better opinion. Not just one person, but multiple. The issue is, how many are left? I no longer play so I don't know who of the better players is still active, forgive me for that. All I'm trying to say is that I don't like gun balancing with casuals in mind. It ain't hearthstone man.
  3. Well, correct, it sure seems that way. My point was moreso that most of those scenarios for facing new players like that would involve dethreating, in terms of "farming" specifically. If a new player is thrown into my district and I can tell its a newbie (at least I have in the past), generally I've gone a lot easier on them. I'm not sure I want to get too deep into the whole ordeal, I personally don't like the idea of farming newbies and prefer real competition around my level, I've also been in fights where I felt like the newbie vs the others because of how disorganized/tilted I was in comparison or how blatant the enemy was at cheating lol. I don't think "winning" vs newbies is bad, but I also don't think extending matches vs them or intentionally throwing the whole thing is good either. They don't learn from you giving them free handouts, and they don't get enjoyment from a dragged out fight against players they can't beat. Whole thing is a 2 way street on that note, and it's just unfortunate. Also people like to winstreak so asking them to quit the game just for that? Seems dumb. This is in regards to the newbies being in a higher up district, where they fight the better players. Tryharding is not beating your enemy simply, or farming newbies though. It's how you do it.
  4. I mean in most scenarios, I would assume farming new players means you'd have to most likely dethreat to get to that point?
  5. Nah, I actually just noticed the thread, and figured it'd be similar to one I've seen before, turns out I was wrong :o. I have my own takes on dethreating and the like, but this technically isn't the place to have that discussion lol. I see you've been having a blast though!
  6. Man this thread was so popcorn worthy.. how did I miss out on this gem? Tryhard is usually defined as doing anything you can to win, being cheap/cheese included. I think this thread turned into de-threating thread again though for some reason.
  7. No, you actually stated your opinion, and still are. It's your opinion to believe it was broken. Strong? Yes. Broken? No. I've enjoyed this argument over the past many years on these forums, honestly things got changed because people whined enough for it, not because you were right or wrong. I was for the other ARs being buffed around it, and making more guns viable. I don't want to see just N-TEC, and I also did not main it (Marksman main here, OBIR fav wep but also was pretty stupid). Also, just because you spent a lot of time on the N-TEC, does not make your word that much more credible to me, or heck, even others. It's highly opinionated, and opinions are not facts.
  8. Everyone has bias, what? No shit. However, I didn't come here to defend him, but moreso call out Ghost specifically. I've always hated his rage-boner for the N-TEC. But yeah sure osmaw is the best gun in the game like you said :).
  9. Don't think you know what "broken" means. Looks like even after many years, you still remain the same. I've been a vet on these forums and I recall you a lot here, always had a hate-boner for the N-TEC. Gun wasn't broken, you're just biased and always have been.
  10. That PIG nerf has me happy, lots of interesting changes here. I will be interested to get into game and try them again once changes go live.
  11. All you've done is state an opinion of yours, but you claim it as fact. You claim everyone's going after you, but it was all in your head. Now you DID draw attention to yourself, after all of this. I guess victim card mentality is a hell of a drug.
  12. When did I ever say others didn't share that opinion? Where is the relevance to anything that was just posted there? You're not even making sense yo. Go read my very first response to you. You claim I was "goading" you on lol. I was just stating a point, very non hostile yet you act as if I've personally attacked you because I called you out for half misjudging his perspective. You are right, he said good, but he also said bad. So address the whole point, not the part that "vindicates" you. I wasn't even talking in relation to most prior of that specific point.
  13. Remember that cringe you said to me earlier? Yeah, this is pretty cringe LOL.
  14. I haven't been talking here responding, but I was still reading. You're still hung up on me quoting you and saying that you misread what Respect said? Jeez man, this is what I meant by victim card. Everyone's "after" you, trying to "goad" you into things. Phew, that's a yikes from me dawg.
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